1,000 GIFTS, #749 to #769

In the rhythm of life, the ups and downs we all experience…spiritually, emotionally, and physically – the gift of seeing His grace gifts all around brings a balance that centers me. I am so thankful. The counting continues and it blesses me way down deep.
749. My sister Joan celebrated a birthday on July 27 – she is one of the most generous women I know. She loves to give and because of that, God has entrusted her with a lot – because she knows where her blessings come from. I love you middle sister.
750. I love my pastor. He is so genuine and kind. I was so happy when I got to church on July 29th and he was preaching a message on “believers baptism.” It was the anniversary of my own baptism 27 years ago…I felt God’s love in a special way as I remembered my baptism. (Believers baptism is baptism by immersion after salvation – that is what my church practices and what I believe.)
751. An absolutely amazing gift – to see the face of my unborn granddaughter through the miracle of a 3D sonogram. She is beautiful and we are thrilled that she will be joining our family late next month.  Praying for a safe and easy delivery for my daughter-in-law.
752. A Saturday drive through the country with my husband unbound by an agenda and time to stop for peach ice icream at Lane’s Orchards.

753. As often as we’ve driven the backroad home, we’ve never seen this old cemetery before. It’s amazing when you see when you take the time to slow down and really look…like counting His gifts. The dates were pre-Civil War – 1850s.

754. A new baby quilt for a little girl who is also due late next month. I love that she and my granddaughter will grow up in church together. Her daddy is Dawson Hull, one of our staff pastors, and he directs our church orchestra and is a gifted musician. His wife Taneea is also a talented musician. They are a sweet couple and I loved making this quilt for their little girl. This is just the quilt top – I hope to begin quilting this weekend.

755. Rain. Thunder rumbling. Approaching summer storm. Sitting on the front porch enjoying the cooler air with my husband and son Jonathan and his son Jackson.  Hearing Jackson say his mommy was at a “girl party” and laughing…he is only 2. She was attending a baby shower…indeed.
756. Three generations…”ready, set, go.” Jackson looking back saying, “Gran Jan…”
757. Singing an old gospel song at church “When the Savior Reached Down For Me,” and having the senior citizens talk about remembering that day in their lives too…
758. A working dinner with my Women’s Ministry Leadership Team – Cindy, Teresa, Jennifer. Words can’t adequately express how much they mean to me. They embody servant leadership.
759. A new Bible study and personal messages (tweets) from the author Priscilla Shirer the very day we began. The class was so tickled. So was the teacher (me). 🙂
760. Running into my son Jeremy’s 2nd grade teacher at the grocery store and having her remember what a special little boy he was. She knew God had great plans in store for him. She said he impacted her life in a great way. I love the gift of being in a community so long that your lives intersect like this.
761. Onesies. All for baby Emery. Gran Jan loves her embroidery machine.
762. My niece Amy celebrated a birthday August 8th. Amy  is the daughter of my sister Jean who passed away at age 25. Amy never knew her momma but she is so much like her. I wrote a post about Jean that has had more response than any I’ve ever written… If you haven’t read it, please visit here. I miss Jean every day.
763. My other niece Melissa is getting married next month. She and her momma (my middle sister Joan) came down and visited last week and my sister brought some of her favorite salsa.  Here she is being silly with my mom, her grandmother…I love my family so much.
764. My daughter-in-law Carrie put together this photo collage of Zeke and Madie Ruth’s first day of school at their church playschool.  Delightful.
765.  Beautiful pink sky and awesome Creator God. He speaks to me through sights such as this. I love living in the country.
766. We’ve been singing the song “10,000 Reasons” at church and I can’t get the song out of my mind (and heart). I love the line that says “whatever may pass and whatever lies before me, let me be singing when the evening comes.”  A mature walk of faith in Christ KNOWS that whatever does come – our God is in control. Thank you Jesus.
767. How about 100,000 reasons to be thankful? This was my odometer this past Wednesday night. When it turned over one hundred thousand SAFE miles, I stopped and pulled over to the side of the road and thanked the Lord for keeping me and every single passenger safe during my travels.
768. This boy. Gran Jan’s JOY = grandchildren.
769. I love Elisabeth Elliot. I’ve had a little daily calendar by her on my desk for over 10 years. It is called “Keep A Quiet Heart.” I especially loved this quote from last Friday – and I was praying hard about a situation.  This is true.
Blessings to you all who stop by to read these gifts. I hope you are counting your own blessings each day too.  God is so faithful.

1,000 GIFTS, #729 to #748

This counting continues, and as I near the goal of 1,000 GIFTS, I know in my heart I will always love this discipline. When you live with your eyes wide open and a heart full to see and receive God’s Hand at work all around in everyday living, your perspective changes and it is for good. I realize too that a pattern has emerged…JOY that centers around my church, my marriage, my family and friends, my home, and my love for gardening, Bible study, women’s ministry, and sewing and quilting. That in itself is a gift…
729. The sameness of a routine that is peaceful…work, church, family, chores. No one is sick, everyone has a job, we all are serving our Savior. It doesn’t get any better than that.
730. The peace that comes from knowing beyond any shadow of doubt that if the peaceful routine is interrupted…my Heavenly Father still reigns…and He is well in control.
731. A shopping Saturday with my friend Lanie. There’s a peaceful JOY that comes from spending time with a close friend…no agenda, just shopping and a nice lunch.
732. Zinnias. I plant them each summer by saving the seeds of the current season’s flowers. I gave this bouquet to the receptionist where I work. 
733. Teaching young women in Sunday School while their teacher (my sweet young friend Natalie) was in Ukraine on a mission trip. What a delight to my heart. These young women encourage me so much with hope for the next generation.
734. The children of our Pastor and his wife.  Precious…little stairsteps, so close in age. I look forward to watching them grow up.
735. Our pastor taught through the book of Philemon the past few weeks. He preached a message on forgiveness that was the best I’ve ever heard. I’m going to share those notes soon. Life-changing for some folks. I’m thankful that Christ forgives and I’m thankful that others are willing to forgive me when I ask them…
736. Little grandsons running through the sprinklers on a hot evening…JOY abounded.
737. Stepping outside before dawn with a good cup of coffee to see the MAJESTY of a sunrise…

738. Tomato bounty from our garden this summer. So thankful.
739.  Extra responsibilty at work last week led me to seek strength from the Word of God.
740. These two grandbabies sporting their shirts Gran Jan made them for their vacation. I’m looking at Miss Madie and thinking she is saying “Jan-Jan.” 🙂
741. My dad and my grandson in the garden this past Saturday. I love having my family close. So many families live far away from each other, and I don’t take for granted that mine are close, both physically and in the love we have for one another.
742. Thankful for a new quilt to finish – this one is for my husband. It is from the class I took last month with my friend lanie. It was so much fun to make.

743. Our fourth grandchild is due in late September…her room is being made ready. Our hearts are getting ready too. I can hardly wait to meet her. Let the monogramming begin!
744. This recipe is so much fun. It comes from The Pirates House restaurant in Savannah. It is a fun and easy way to “make pickles.” They are really good too.
745. Attended a beautiful wedding this past Saturday, 7-21-12, as David and Kelli exchanged vows before a big group of family and friends. (I thought this cake was beautiful.) It always really touches me to attend the wedding of a couple who are both active in their faith. David is called to ministry and will be planting a church in Florida some time next year.
746. Late one afternoon last week these big old thunder clouds rolled in while the sun was still shining. I love this photo so much.
747. The JOY that comes from worship – worship with my church family. United in heart and so at peace in our church family as we serve together.  Thankful beyond words.
748.  The JOY in anticipating a women’s ministry event.  We are planning on a “road trip” to Charleston next month to a Living Proof Live event.  Can’t wait to see Beth Moore and worship with Travis Cottrell and thousands of my sisters in Christ. There will be much JOY on the way over and back “on the bus” too. Fellowship sweet. 
May God Bless You and Keep You and Hold You in the Palm of His Hand,

1,000 GIFTS, #711 to #728

Was it only just last week I was so excited about a week off to slow down? Well…my heart is FULL to overflowing from the JOYS of last week’s slower pace. We enjoyed a simple staycation, a stay-at-home vacation, a concept I highly recommend…so restful for both body and soul.
711. So thankful for a wonderful service of patriotic music and powerful preaching at my church. I’m thankful to be an American citizen. Even with all the issues in our land today, there is still no place I would rather live as I sojourn this Earth…I’m praying for our country in this election year. (Daniel 2:20-23)
712. My friend Lanie and I had a “sew-in” last Friday. She brought her machine and several projects over and we also made dresses for our granddaughters. We laughed like only friends of many years friends can do. It was a day of JOY and soul therapy too…bonding and sewing and quilting.
713. Thankful to God for granddaughters. Lanie and I both raised sons, and now she has two granddaughters. I have one granddaughter and one on the way…God’s wonderful gracious grace. Here are the dresses we made on Friday…complete with monograms.
714. And here is my sweet girl in her dress…my daughter-in-law Carrie sent me this picture just this morning…touched my heart.
715. A trip to the Farmers Market with my daughter-in-law Erin for fresh vegetables to “put up” as we Southern women call that process. We blanched butter beans, zipper peas, and crowder peas for our freezers. Hard but fulfilling work. I loved spending the day with her and one of the reasons is because…
716.  …she left Jackson with us to spend the night and we had such a wonderful time with him. He is our youngest grandson, reminds us so much of his daddy at that age.

717. Here he is on the front porch with Pop, watching down the road for his mommy and daddy to come…

718. Can you see why he reminds us of his daddy at that age? Herein is proof…

719. Time with my parents without the rush of a work schedule…we spent a day going to the local peach packing sheds and enjoyed fresh peach ice cream too.  I love my parents. Did you know the first commandment with a promise in God’s Word is found in Exodus 20:12?  Honor your father and mother…

720. Garden time. Enough said.

721. An entire day spent with my husband…shopping, eating out, uninterrupted conversation, reconnecting. So sweet and so important for good marriages.

722. Praying daily for a missions team from my church in Ukraine. I love these folks – every one of them. They are gathered here on their way to the airport in the wee hours of the morning last Friday. They are awesome people on mission for Jesus. As our Pastor, Dr. Perdue says, his desire is that the sun will never set on the ministry of our church as we serve globally. We also have students in South Africa as well as down the street from our church this week, serving in a trailer park conducting Backyard Bible Clubs. I LOVE MY CHURCH FAMILY…

723. Celebrating the JOY of my spiritual birthday – July 7th. Reflecting on the day the Savior reached down for me…I.HAVE.NEVER.BEEN.THE.SAME. Half my life I have known Him. And Hallelujah, He’s known me since before there was a me. (Psalm 139:16)
724. I know I often mention my fondness for sewing and embroidery, but I am especially happy to share these “crab shirts” I made at the request of my daughter-in-law Carrie for my grandchildren and some of their friends for a beach vacation. I loved doing this for them. I asked my daughters-in-law to save all the shirts I am making for the grandchildren because I think it would be fun to make a quilt out of them all one day…can we say Memory Lane?
725. Be still my heart. My little yet-to-be-born granddaughter’s first of many monogrammed gifts from Gran Jan. TIny little Emery, we are praying for your arrival to the family in September. Can’t wait to meet you…
726. The JOY of a rare opportunity to attend our son’s church and hear him preach yesterday morning – a message from the fifth chapter of Mark where Jesus delivers the man possessed by demons. Jeremy made a strong, clear biblical application and this momma’s heart was deeply moved and thankful.
727. My daughter-in-law Carrie’s pot roast dinner on Sunday. Family around the table is one of God’s sweetest gifts in my life.  

728. One of my favorite delights from last week is this picture I took of an old fireplace out in the middle of the country. My dad stopped to let me get the picture (that in itself is a gift too). I can’t help but wonder about the family that lived here long ago and the hands that built that fireplace.

What am I building that will stand the test of time? Am I investing in the lives of others for eternity and for Christ’s Kingdom?  God help me to see past the busyness of daily living that can so easily distract me from my true purpose here…



1,000 GIFTS, #690 to #710

I’m getting closer to the mark of the 1,000th gift, and as much as I anticipate reaching the goal, the greater JOY has been the journey. I mean that. I am thankful for this JOY and discipline, knowing that His grace gifts will not end even when I reach the goal…

690. Glory glory glory – precious TIME unbound by the clock or a schedule…time to just “be,” as I’m off work this week. Lots of projects lined up, but I can’t wait to get started on them all…one at a time, just like this counting.

691. I saved zinnia seeds from last summer all winter long and planted them in the Spring – they are bringing much JOY and I’ve enjoyed sharing them. They have grown exceedingly abundantly more than I could have imagined.

692.  Fresh corn from my Dad’s garden and his JOY in sharing it with so many folks.

693. I kept my oldest grandboy weekend before last, he even came to church with us on Sunday! I loved every single moment with him. It is very special to have one-on-one time with my grandchildren. I enjoy having them ALL, but the noise level and activity of three 3 and under is wild sometimes. He enjoyed playing on my mom’s front porch as we visited with her.

694.  He enjoyed helping Pop water the new pecan trees…his little tractor was a birthday gift to him when he was two.
 695.  Our children’s ministry presented the musical, “What’s Up Zak?” , the story of Zacchaeus…Jesus Changes Everything… It was tremendous and there were souls saved that morning!!! God is so faithful. I am so thankful for all the workers who gave their time to serve our children and their families. We were blessed to have the author of the musical worshipping with us and she was blessed too – thank you for coming Mrs. Ingram.
696. Zeke loved climbing up in Zacchaeus’s Sycamore Tree…
697. A very special surprise visitor to my office last week! My youngest grandson Jackson. Made my day…
698. The sweet voice of my little granddaughter Madie Ruth. She spent the night with us this past Thursday and I loved having her…she said, “I love you Jan-Jan.” Made me smile every time. 
699. My first garden tomato ripened on the first day of summer…and now they are bountiful. Enjoyed a tomato sandwhich for supper Sunday night, a Southern delicacy.
700. A nest of sparrows in my mother’s fern on her front porch. His Eye is on the Sparrow…and is also on you…do you know that truth?
701. Peaceful times at dusk, reflecting Psalm 92:2 – “His faithfulness at night…” These two geese have taken up here at our pond and the female is injured – she doesn’t fly. The male stays by her side. They mate for life – isn’t that wonderful?

702.  Our church’s annual “Family Night Spectacular” was just that – spectacular. Sweet sweet sweet fellowship and fireworks! The Family of God. What grace is this?

703. Zeke and Jackson enjoyed the games at the church family fun night…
704. Hay cutting at the farm…I love the smell of freshly mown hay. That is my dad in his tractor.
705.  A “twister pinwheel” quilting class day before yesterday and time with my friend Lanie that began with pancakes at IHOP and much fun and laughter around the sewing machines at a new quilt shop in Macon we discovered…Couture Sewing Center that is run by two sweet sisters.

706. The wedding of my sweet young friend, Ashley (see blessing #676)…Jesus was lifted high at this wedding…
707.  A beautiful sunset one night last week…
For Your mercy reaches unto the heavens,
And Your truth unto the clouds.
Psalm 57:10
708. A new bluebird house that my sweet husband put up for me…in my beautiful garden which he built for me too.  I love you Gary. We have so many bluebirds here at the farm and I can’t wait for the ones who come to this little house…
709. I got outside very early this morning to beat the record heat we’ve been having the past few days and pruned my hydrangeas. There are many many spiritual applications in the garden, and none stronger to me than pruning…I prayed as I pruned that the Master Gardener would prune my heart too. It’s painful but necessary.
 Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit He takes away;
and every branch that bears fruit He prunes,
 that it may bear more fruit.
John 15:2

710.  This beautiful Swallowtail butterly was enjoying the zinnias in my garden, and I had my iPhone with me outside so I captured the moment…

I hope you will find time this week to capture the moments He sends your way each day as you stop and count the gifts of grace that surround you – hard gifts, sweet gifts, tangible gifts, gifts unseen…all from His Hand.

1,000 GIFTS, #675 to #689

The tag line under the One Thousand Gifts book states “a dare to live fully right where you are.”  Well…right where I am is at home, at church, at work, in the garden, in my car, at the grocery store, sharing a meal with my family, in the choir loft, riding my bike over to visit my parents, in my quiet time place, in my sewing room, in my kitchen or laundry room, in a doctor’s office with a friend… All of these are simple places, nothing exotic like a fancy cruise ship or a remote tropical island. Yet in all these places my heart’s desire is to be fully there so as not to miss one single JOY He has for me. I often pray and ask the Lord to make me focused and fruitful. In the busyness of life, the simple joys are what keep me on center, and this week has been one of just that—blessed simplicity.
675. We celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary last Monday on June 11, and about mid-morning the receptionist called me to the front of my office building…be still my heart. My sweet husband sent me 35 of the most beautiful pink roses I have ever seen. I counted every one! Thank you sweet man of mine. God graced me when He brought you into my life…
676. Let me tell you about Ashley. I had 30 guests at my home this past Tuesday as I helped hostess a bridal shower for this sweet young woman. When I first met Ashley I noticed her blue yarn bracelet and was prompted in my spirit to ask her if she was going through the Beth Moore “Believing God” Bible study. (If you’ve done the study, you know what the blue bracelet represents.) She was, and we bonded instantly – sweet mercy it was wonderful. She and a group of cheerleaders from the University of GA (she was Captain) didn’t have the accompanying DVDs which are such an asset to the study, so I loaned them to her from our church’s women’s ministry library…and we bonded even tighter! I love her – she gives me hope for the future generation of young women who are believers in Jesus Christ.
677. Zeke came for a visit and a heavy rain the night before left the most wonderful puddle, so we “ripped and romped” as my Granny used to say. Yes we did. There was no mud, just a big deep puddle over a low grassy spot…pure JOY!
678. A day of celebration spent with my dearest friend Lanie. I accompanied her to the oncologist who gave her yet another good report. She is two years free from ovarian cancer. Hallelujah to our Great Physician. We celebrated and shopped all the way to Atlanta and all the way home…with a stop at our favorite quilt store, A Scarlet Thread.
679. Our little Jackson Boy spent a week at the beach with his parents (my youngest son and his wife) and his other grandparents. They had a wonderful time together and my daughter-in-law got some great pictures – she always takes the best pictures and I’m so thankful she shares them with Gran Jan.
680. So blessed by simple family time over pizza and salad and fun around the table. Could these two be any cuter?  Cousins born 2 weeks to the day apart. I can’t wait to see all God has in store for them as they grow up together…Jackson and Miss Madie Ruth.
681. A visit to the farm always includes some time seeing the moo cows. I love it that the boys were dressed alike. My daughters-in-law have great minds and they are great moms. 🙂
682. It’s magnolia time in Georgia. If you’ve never inhaled the scent of a magnolia, I can tell you that our Creator did as HE said, “He saw everything He had made, and it was good.”  I have two trees and they were gifts from some of the women in my church. I love that.

683. While driving home from my day in Atlanta with Lanie, a thunderstorm was brewing as I got closer to home. I am so thankful for the much needed rain. I could see this one coming and we ended up with 2 inches of rain and some great puddles…for little grandboys and Gran Jans.

684. This picture in our blueberry garden is of all five of my men: my husband, my two sons, and my two grandsons.  We have certainly had a great harvest this spring, and not just in blueberries…
685. Jackson and his Pop. Sweetness.
686. I enjoyed some time with my youngest sister Jo this weekend. She is also the mom to two sons and a great mom she is. I really enjoy her company and it was good to sit on the porch with her and with our parents. She loves to come get fresh vegetables from the gardens.  More simple times, family times.
687. Thankful for my Pastor and the wonderful Father’s Day message he preached yesterday. Counting gifts of grace in my life include my own father, my husband who is a wonderful dad to our boys; and my boys, who are wonderful dads to their children. Blessings to the next generations.
688. My husband and I had a sweet time of prayer yesterday at the end of our church service…hearts full, thankful for our two sons and the fathers they are becoming. They are raising our grandchildren up to know and love Jesus and His Word. We were just pouring our hearts out in praise to the Lord for this week of celebrating 35 years of marriage and God’s Grace in our lives with our boys and their wives and our grandchildren. Gifts of JOY.
689. And I am most thankful to report that my church family sponsored all 80 of the children that Compassion sent to me for our Compassion Sunday two weeks ago.  I love my church family so much. Thank you all for helping release children from poverty in Jesus’ Name.
Love and Blessings,
Gran Jan

1,000 GIFTS, #660 to #674

Along with the daily gifts of God’s goodness in our lives, this past week has been one of  milestones in our family, of birthdays and wedding anniversaries. Family is everything to me and I only wish I had more time to spend with all of them. We are busy in ministry, jobs, and taking care of day-to-day responsibilities. Just like you and your family. But taking the time to stop and count the gifts of grace Jesus gives makes the pace a bit slower so you can truly focus on what is right here and now, gifts from His hand…

660. Today is our 35th wedding anniversary. I have been a tad emotional about celebrating this milestone. Why does it seem that events that end in “0” or “5” are more special? God has certainly blessed my sweet Gary and me all these years.  We were so young and so in love. Then…and now…

661. The very first time Gary and I laid eyes on each other was when my family and I visited the little Baptist church where he was leading worship at the age of 17. We were high school sweethearts and began dating the summer before our senior year of high school.
662. Here we are on our wedding day, June 11, 1977…when 35 years ago today I took his hand in mine and promised before God and friends to love him for all time
663. June 10th marked a milestone in my mother-in-law’s life too – her 90th birthday. She is a precious woman and if I can be the mother-in-law to Carrie and Erin that she has been to me, I will be a mighty blessed woman. We celebrated with a big family party – 70+ family members came and honored the Morton Matriarch.

664. Here she is as a young bride herself…I love this picture, and I’m very thankful for her faithful love to me and her testimony as a woman who loves the Word of God. She has 5 brothers and four of them were preachers. What a wonderful family I married into…her maiden name is Moody and the family tree has lines to the famous evangelist, D.L. Moody. One of her brothers is named after him.

665. My Dad made his famous passed-down-many-generations-recipe Brunswick Stew for the Maloy Family Reunion this past weekend. He recently shared the recipe with my youngest son Jonathan. I love to hear my parents share stories of their growing up years. I sent this picture to both my sisters and for some reason we all got teary-eyed. For all his gruff “former Marine” ways, our father still has a big old tender heart. This making of the stew is a special memory for him of his own father and grandfather.
666. Baptism at the beach. Our young people just returned home from their annual beach retreat and they celebrated this year with something never done before – baptism on site in the ocean…what a testimony. I pray the foks who witnessed this will be touched and blessed. So proud of Pastor Mike and his wife Julie, and Pastor Ben and his wife Leia.
667. I planted these while calla lily bulbs last year and then forgot about them – they blessed and suprised me this year. I love white flowers.
668. We have been blessed with wonderful rains the past week. I love the way the water drops look on this daylily, it seems refreshed. My blog header has the verse from Isaiah 58:11…may your soul be as a well-watered garden. A favorite passage of mine.
669. An impromptu visit to my office last week by my little granddaughter Madie Ruth. She stayed with me for about 20 minutes while her brother finished his swimming lesson. It was a mixup in schedules for my son and his wife, but a pure delight to me. Living close to my boys and their wives and grandchildren is a DAILY blessing that I count. (I got this picture from Facebook, it was taken while she was at her other grandma’s house, and I know Mrs. Catharine is happy to live close to the grandchildren too…)
670. While driving home from Memama’s 90th birthday party we went through a town called Porterdale.  Many of my dad’s sisters worked in this old cotton mill. It was a thriving mill for many years and my dad’s father worked there too. I love the history of this town. My Granny attended the Porterdale Baptist Church. I was born not too far from this little town.
671. My youngest son and his wife celebrated four years of marriage on June 7th. When your children are blessed and happy in the homes they leave yours for…there are no words adequate enough to express the JOY this brings. Pray for your children’s spouses…no matter how young your children are.
672.  Peaches, peanuts and pecans – I love these homegrown Georgia products.  The farm across the road from us is growing peanuts this year. We took a basket of peaches to my mother-in-law on Saturday, at her request. 🙂
673. And I’m growing green beans and they are so plentiful. You know I can’t have a post without something from my garden…I’ve shared the green beans with many already.
674. There is a part of me that wonders if I am old (or thought to be “old”) since I’ve been married 35 years? Most days I don’t feel old, and I certainly enjoy being around people of all ages, so I’m not “set in my ways” (yet).  This I do know – growing old is a gift from our Lord and our lives are in His Hands. Eternal life is the greatest grace gift I will ever count and I hope you know that He is yours and you are His. I want to grow old gracefully. I pray about that often.



1,000 GIFTS, #639 to #659

Jumping right in this week, with a heart at peace and a mind that is FULL…of His grace gifts.
639. Sweet time with some sweet ladies Thursday evening – sharing, walking, and picking fresh blueberries right here at the Farm.  Kindred spirits, His gifts of friendship.
640. My sweet husband and I made some hospital visits on Saturday. I love going with him and hearing his strong voice pray for the folks we visited. I love that I have a praying husband, I’m thankful for his prayers. Grace.
641. We visited this sweet baby girl, less than 24 hours old…her name means “My God Has Answered” in Hebrew.  Many folks prayed for this baby for years and He indeed answered in a wonderful way. 
642. My quilting brings me JOY…and the JOY multiplies when I finally get to give the quilts to the ones for which I make them. Below is Eliana’s quilt from the front…she’s all wrapped up in it above.
643. Talking with the man who is helping paint our farm fence, and hearing Hector’s story, how he came to America and knowing once again how God’s Grace is sufficient.
644. Compassion Sunday at my church yesterday. A young high school girl and I planned the event together.  Her name is Mary C. and God melded our hearts together beginning when I use to pick her and and take her to Awana at church on Wednesday nights, when she was still in elementary school…
645. Mary C and I shared our JOY in sponsoring children through Compassion on Sunday morning and as of last night, 49 CHILDREN HAVE BEEN SPONSORED!!!
646. Memories of first hearing about Compassion at a Live Concert when Travis Cottrell was recording his “JESUS SAVES” project. Shaun Groves told his story that night and I just came away being mesmerized by him and his love for this organization.
647. Picking up a packet after hearing Shaun speak and becoming the “sponsor” of a little boy who lives in Colombia, South America – and now feeling like Iduar is a part of my life…because he is.
648. Following the prompting of my husband a year later to “sponsor” another child through Compassion, a little girl named Gloria who lives in Uganda, who is also a part of our lives. 
649. Sharing the good news with Shaun by way of Twitter yesterday and having him respond blessed me. I’m thankful for his ministry and it has been multiplied now at my church with 49 more children released from poverty in Jesus’ Name…
650. Praying that God will make a way for me to one day go on a Compassion bloggers trip. That is a dream of mine.
651. The grace of long-time friends. Sharing a meal with Jack and Lanie after church on Sunday. Easy laughter that comes from spending a lot of time together.  
652. Praying for my boys and their families. Seeing them be good husbands and daddies. Not a day passes that my husband and I don’t thank the Good Lord above for His grace in blessing us with these sons.
653. Planning two bridal showers for later on this month.  Both couples love Jesus and are serving Him, one couple will be in full-time ministry. Thankful for these young people and the joy of blessing them blesses me.
654. Little grandboys with sunglasses on…
655.  Cool weather to sit on the front porch and have coffee and conversation.  One of our favorite things to do. Reconnecting after a busy day.
656. Ministering to long-time friends of 23 years who have had a death in their family. We do not grieve as those who have no hope. Thankful for the ministry of the Word.
657. Thankful for a pastor who says “The Power Is In the Word,” and then he preaches like he believes that.
658. Thankful for a youth pastor and his wife who are at the beach this week with hundreds of young people…pouring into them…making a difference.
659. Thankful for you who take the time to read this blog.  Would you consider leaving a comment? Thank you if you do.
God bless you ALL,