1,000 GIFTS, #729 to #748

This counting continues, and as I near the goal of 1,000 GIFTS, I know in my heart I will always love this discipline. When you live with your eyes wide open and a heart full to see and receive God’s Hand at work all around in everyday living, your perspective changes and it is for good. I realize too that a pattern has emerged…JOY that centers around my church, my marriage, my family and friends, my home, and my love for gardening, Bible study, women’s ministry, and sewing and quilting. That in itself is a gift…
729. The sameness of a routine that is peaceful…work, church, family, chores. No one is sick, everyone has a job, we all are serving our Savior. It doesn’t get any better than that.
730. The peace that comes from knowing beyond any shadow of doubt that if the peaceful routine is interrupted…my Heavenly Father still reigns…and He is well in control.
731. A shopping Saturday with my friend Lanie. There’s a peaceful JOY that comes from spending time with a close friend…no agenda, just shopping and a nice lunch.
732. Zinnias. I plant them each summer by saving the seeds of the current season’s flowers. I gave this bouquet to the receptionist where I work. 
733. Teaching young women in Sunday School while their teacher (my sweet young friend Natalie) was in Ukraine on a mission trip. What a delight to my heart. These young women encourage me so much with hope for the next generation.
734. The children of our Pastor and his wife.  Precious…little stairsteps, so close in age. I look forward to watching them grow up.
735. Our pastor taught through the book of Philemon the past few weeks. He preached a message on forgiveness that was the best I’ve ever heard. I’m going to share those notes soon. Life-changing for some folks. I’m thankful that Christ forgives and I’m thankful that others are willing to forgive me when I ask them…
736. Little grandsons running through the sprinklers on a hot evening…JOY abounded.
737. Stepping outside before dawn with a good cup of coffee to see the MAJESTY of a sunrise…

738. Tomato bounty from our garden this summer. So thankful.
739.  Extra responsibilty at work last week led me to seek strength from the Word of God.
740. These two grandbabies sporting their shirts Gran Jan made them for their vacation. I’m looking at Miss Madie and thinking she is saying “Jan-Jan.” 🙂
741. My dad and my grandson in the garden this past Saturday. I love having my family close. So many families live far away from each other, and I don’t take for granted that mine are close, both physically and in the love we have for one another.
742. Thankful for a new quilt to finish – this one is for my husband. It is from the class I took last month with my friend lanie. It was so much fun to make.

743. Our fourth grandchild is due in late September…her room is being made ready. Our hearts are getting ready too. I can hardly wait to meet her. Let the monogramming begin!
744. This recipe is so much fun. It comes from The Pirates House restaurant in Savannah. It is a fun and easy way to “make pickles.” They are really good too.
745. Attended a beautiful wedding this past Saturday, 7-21-12, as David and Kelli exchanged vows before a big group of family and friends. (I thought this cake was beautiful.) It always really touches me to attend the wedding of a couple who are both active in their faith. David is called to ministry and will be planting a church in Florida some time next year.
746. Late one afternoon last week these big old thunder clouds rolled in while the sun was still shining. I love this photo so much.
747. The JOY that comes from worship – worship with my church family. United in heart and so at peace in our church family as we serve together.  Thankful beyond words.
748.  The JOY in anticipating a women’s ministry event.  We are planning on a “road trip” to Charleston next month to a Living Proof Live event.  Can’t wait to see Beth Moore and worship with Travis Cottrell and thousands of my sisters in Christ. There will be much JOY on the way over and back “on the bus” too. Fellowship sweet. 
May God Bless You and Keep You and Hold You in the Palm of His Hand,

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