1,000 GIFTS, #749 to #769

In the rhythm of life, the ups and downs we all experience…spiritually, emotionally, and physically – the gift of seeing His grace gifts all around brings a balance that centers me. I am so thankful. The counting continues and it blesses me way down deep.
749. My sister Joan celebrated a birthday on July 27 – she is one of the most generous women I know. She loves to give and because of that, God has entrusted her with a lot – because she knows where her blessings come from. I love you middle sister.
750. I love my pastor. He is so genuine and kind. I was so happy when I got to church on July 29th and he was preaching a message on “believers baptism.” It was the anniversary of my own baptism 27 years ago…I felt God’s love in a special way as I remembered my baptism. (Believers baptism is baptism by immersion after salvation – that is what my church practices and what I believe.)
751. An absolutely amazing gift – to see the face of my unborn granddaughter through the miracle of a 3D sonogram. She is beautiful and we are thrilled that she will be joining our family late next month.  Praying for a safe and easy delivery for my daughter-in-law.
752. A Saturday drive through the country with my husband unbound by an agenda and time to stop for peach ice icream at Lane’s Orchards.

753. As often as we’ve driven the backroad home, we’ve never seen this old cemetery before. It’s amazing when you see when you take the time to slow down and really look…like counting His gifts. The dates were pre-Civil War – 1850s.

754. A new baby quilt for a little girl who is also due late next month. I love that she and my granddaughter will grow up in church together. Her daddy is Dawson Hull, one of our staff pastors, and he directs our church orchestra and is a gifted musician. His wife Taneea is also a talented musician. They are a sweet couple and I loved making this quilt for their little girl. This is just the quilt top – I hope to begin quilting this weekend.

755. Rain. Thunder rumbling. Approaching summer storm. Sitting on the front porch enjoying the cooler air with my husband and son Jonathan and his son Jackson.  Hearing Jackson say his mommy was at a “girl party” and laughing…he is only 2. She was attending a baby shower…indeed.
756. Three generations…”ready, set, go.” Jackson looking back saying, “Gran Jan…”
757. Singing an old gospel song at church “When the Savior Reached Down For Me,” and having the senior citizens talk about remembering that day in their lives too…
758. A working dinner with my Women’s Ministry Leadership Team – Cindy, Teresa, Jennifer. Words can’t adequately express how much they mean to me. They embody servant leadership.
759. A new Bible study and personal messages (tweets) from the author Priscilla Shirer the very day we began. The class was so tickled. So was the teacher (me). 🙂
760. Running into my son Jeremy’s 2nd grade teacher at the grocery store and having her remember what a special little boy he was. She knew God had great plans in store for him. She said he impacted her life in a great way. I love the gift of being in a community so long that your lives intersect like this.
761. Onesies. All for baby Emery. Gran Jan loves her embroidery machine.
762. My niece Amy celebrated a birthday August 8th. Amy  is the daughter of my sister Jean who passed away at age 25. Amy never knew her momma but she is so much like her. I wrote a post about Jean that has had more response than any I’ve ever written… If you haven’t read it, please visit here. I miss Jean every day.
763. My other niece Melissa is getting married next month. She and her momma (my middle sister Joan) came down and visited last week and my sister brought some of her favorite salsa.  Here she is being silly with my mom, her grandmother…I love my family so much.
764. My daughter-in-law Carrie put together this photo collage of Zeke and Madie Ruth’s first day of school at their church playschool.  Delightful.
765.  Beautiful pink sky and awesome Creator God. He speaks to me through sights such as this. I love living in the country.
766. We’ve been singing the song “10,000 Reasons” at church and I can’t get the song out of my mind (and heart). I love the line that says “whatever may pass and whatever lies before me, let me be singing when the evening comes.”  A mature walk of faith in Christ KNOWS that whatever does come – our God is in control. Thank you Jesus.
767. How about 100,000 reasons to be thankful? This was my odometer this past Wednesday night. When it turned over one hundred thousand SAFE miles, I stopped and pulled over to the side of the road and thanked the Lord for keeping me and every single passenger safe during my travels.
768. This boy. Gran Jan’s JOY = grandchildren.
769. I love Elisabeth Elliot. I’ve had a little daily calendar by her on my desk for over 10 years. It is called “Keep A Quiet Heart.” I especially loved this quote from last Friday – and I was praying hard about a situation.  This is true.
Blessings to you all who stop by to read these gifts. I hope you are counting your own blessings each day too.  God is so faithful.


  1. Thank you for sharing your list this week. Love your embroidery and the quilt front is just precious. Blessings!

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