It was a JOY to participate in 2009 as part of the Scripture Memory Team. One of my verses was Malachi 3:16, and it fit our celebration this past weekend in Houston so well! As we talked with each other and shared our verses, the LORD listened and He wrote a scroll of remembrance concerning the Siestas! Isn’t that the most wonderful glorious news?
“Then those who feared the LORD talked with each other, and the LORD listened and heard, and a scroll of remembrance was written in His presence concerning those who feared the LORD and honored his name!”
Deborah, Georgia Jan, Beth, Emmy, Wendy

The Georgia Four Wendy, Emmy, Deborah and me were so excited to be in Houston, TX for the LPM SMT Celebration! We had agreed to pray God’s Word together through the promise of Psalm 90:17 “May the favor of our Lord God rest upon us, and establish the work of our hands.”  Indeed He did!

Amanda, our wonderful Blog Queen, had let us know earlier that there would be about 500 of us, and as you all know, that is really a “small group” for a Bethie event!  I loved the intimacy and focus of the Siestas that attended.  The like-mindedness of all of us memorizing scripture for one year together was palatable in that place. It was sweet to see Beth get to be up close and love on the siestas – something she doesn’t get to do in an arena setting.  It was like a family reunion!

I love to make lists, and this list is alliterative.  It covers so many of the wonderful blessings from this past weekend. Nothing.Disappointed.  Nothing!

  • Beautiful Beth
  • Amazing Amanda
  • More Master’s Degrees Melissa
  • Wonderful Worship by Terrific Travis
  • Lovely LPM Staff
  • Hospitable Houston
  • Georgia Girls
  • Sweet Siestas
  • Warm Weather
  • Verified Verses
  • Fantastic Food

But the list doesn’t share details and pictures, so I would love to oblige with that now…

We had a great flight to Houston from the ATL and I knew we were off to a great start as Emmy was ALREADY watching a DVD of Beth on our way there to see Beth.  Gotta love that!  I took this picture from my seat right behind her on the plane!

The Georgia girls started the morning early with some pampering at the spa within the Omni Hotel. Facials, sauna, whirlpool, the works!  It had been a very long time since I enjoyed that type of pampering.  Thank you sweet Deborah for blessing me with that gift!

Friday afternoon I was so happy to see our wonderful worship leader, Travis in the lobby at the Omni. I love his musical gifts, but I love his heart of worship more.  Always gracious, he kindly took time for pictures and conversation with many of us.  Thank you Travis Cottrell for being used mightily to bless this Baptist “music minister’s wife!”

Here are some random pictures of the weekend.  Words cannot describe the fun and joy-filled time we all had together. So much preparation went into memorizing all that scripture, and much preparation obviously took place months before our arrival. The LPM staff are as sweet and helpful as can be.
Here is my friend Lora from By the Lamplight, I loved meeting her! Lora writes beautiful poetry as God speaks to her heart. Maybe she will share the words to her new poem (quite different from her usual writing). It is called “Purse on the Chain,” sung to the tune of “Pants on the Ground” after she saw a purse at the Houston Galleria for almost $2,000.

Here is my friend from Florida, Karen Barrows. She and I met last October in Orlando, FL at the Deeper Still event. We said our memory verses to each other on Saturday afternoon. It was a very special time.
This is the littliest Siesta. Her name is Dailey Rae, and she memorized her scripture too.  She took these notes while Beth was teaching.  Isn’t this the sweetest picture ever? Little girls like her are our future.  Let’s live our lives so that we will be the Titus women that these young ones need.
Here is another friend, Lindsee Eddy.  She led a big group of us to eat at Pappasitos and it was so very good. There was some sort of green sauce on the table that I claimed as my very own.
Beth taught us from Psalm 119, Life with God from A to Z, and it was marvelous!  “I’m a resident alien, seeking direction, in deep want of wonder, in peril and need, troubled by humanity, especially my own, knowing that to follow is the only free road for a straying sheep, longing to be found.”
I love you Beth – thank you for all you do for all of us Siestas and for being my bff. Your life has been used mightly of God in mine.  Thank you for loving on me so that I can love on others. You are a delight!

Georgia Jan


South Africa – 4

We are leaving Sunday night and will be in South Africa on Monday afternoon, August 17…which just happens to be our grandson’s first birthday. Happy Birthday Ezekiel – I love you. I am so glad I was able to celebrate with you at your party today! Thank you ALL for your prayers and sweet comments. You must read the wonderful poem by Lora – see it in the post comments on South Africa – 3. What a gifted writer! Thank you Lora, you blessed my soul. One of the things I want to see is the “Cape of Good Hope.” I found this picture on a travel site. It is the southern tip of the continent of Africa, Capetown, South Africa, and we will be ministering in Capetown as part of our journey. Isn’t it beautiful? The place where the Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean meet. I know the One who made those seas, and my Hope is in Him! Dear Father, guard and keep us safe, use us for Your Glory Alone, watch over our family, protect our home, and hold Your Mighty Hand under that big 777 plane…and then again as we return. Psalm 95:5 The sea is his, for he made it, and his hands formed the dry land. I can’t wait to share this journey with all of you…I am so blessed and my hope is to be a blessing.


Heaven Came Down on July 7, 1985

Please let me share the wonderful day that Heaven Came Down for me! It was 24 years ago today, on July 7, 1985. I was 27 years old…a young minister’s wife and stay-at-home-mother to two little boys who were not quite one year old, and not quite four years old, and the absolute joys of my heart. Here is my story… It was a Sunday morning and our routine was the same. As was his custom, my early-bird husband was already long gone to the church, and I was home getting myself and my two little fellas ready for church. Another “sameness” to the routine was the nagging doubt that had filled my heart for quite some time. I knew deep inside that something was just not right. My heart was heavy and unsettled. I was lacking peace…but I had lots of pride. After years of being a church member and A.G.G. (Always Good Girl), the realization that I was trusting my goodness and not His grace were ever before me. For you see – I had never seen myself as lost. To be found you must first be lost. I was a card-carrying, rule-following, obedient hypocrite. But on that hot summer day of July 7th as the Sunday morning service was nearing an end, I could take it no more! The plagues of doubt were destroying me…but the Holy Spirit of God reached down that morning and brought the deliverance I was desperate for. I quickly slipped out of the choir and made my way to the front of the church. I took the Pastor by the hand. I told him that I had been going through the motions – and that I had never truly accepted the atoning death of Jesus Christ on the cross as payment for my sins. I had lots of “cranial” knowledge but no “cardio” knowledge. My head was full – my heart was empty! The surprised Pastor told me to have a seat on the pew and fill out a card to “join the church!” I gently told him that was what had gotten me off track years before…and this time I wasn’t joining the church, I was joining with Jesus! I turned aside and knelt down at the altar of that precious church and for the first time in my life realized my lost soul needed a Savior – a Redeemer – not a religious experience. I remember praying and asking Jesus to forgive me and come into my heart. My heavy heart was lightened, and the pride in “what would the church members say when they discovered the Music & Youth Pastor’s wife wasn’t even a Christian?” would worry me no more! Heaven came down and glory filled my soul! There’s an old hymn of the same title by J.W. Peterson that I absolutely love. Go here Heaven Came Down to listen to the festive melody that reminds me of a carousel at the fair!

1. Oh what a wonderful, wonderful day, day I will never forget.
After I’d wandered in darkness away, Jesus my Savior I met.
O what a tender, compassionate friend, He met the need of my heart. Shadows dispelling, with joy I am telling, He made all the darkness depart.

Chorus: Heaven came down and glory filled my soul! When at the cross the Savior made me whole. My sins were washed away and my night was turned to day. Heaven came down and glory filled my soul!

2. Born of the Spirit with life from above into God’s family divine.
Justified fully thru Calvary’s love, O what a standing is mine!
And the transaction so quickly was made, when as a sinner I came.
Took of the offer, of grace He did proffer,
He saved me, O praise His dear name!

3. Now I’ve a hope that will surely endure after the passing of time.
I have a future in heaven for sure there in those mansions sublime.
And it’s because of that wonderful day, when at the cross I believed.
Riches eternal and blessings supernal, from His precious hand I received.

So on this my Spiritual Birthday, I wanted to share my joy with you. The joy of knowing Jesus and the blessed assurance that it isn’t about what I do – but about what He did! It isn’t about my works, but the wondrous exchange of His death for my life! Born on November 16…Born Again on July 7! (Pastor’s wives make such better church members when they get saved!) 🙂

Because He Lives,


Siesta Fiesta – Beth Moore!

What a suprise to find this picture in the group of pictures that Rich (awesome photographer for Lifeway) took during the Siesa Fiesta! I was plum tickled and blessed because it was such a sweet, brief moment and I had no idea it was being captured for me…I was simply telling Beth that I loved her – she has meant so much to my life. (I believe our brief meeting at Deeper Still in Atlanta back in June jogged her memory when she saw me walking across the floor at the Alamodome Saturday afternoon as she hugged me and said “Georgia Jan.” I attended that amazing conference with my dear friend, who just happens to be the wife of the Governor of Georgia and her VIP treatment washed over on me, a very un-VIP person, however favored I was that weekend.) So Georgia Jan is a blessed woman indeed. Thank You, Father. God has used the faithfulness of Beth Moore to encourage my heart…as she also encouraged and inspired untold thousands of women around the world. The Bible studies she writes are amazing, her poetry is precious. Her encouragement, her sense of humor and quick wit are priceless (and I especially love, love, love, when she goes into that “Arkansas twang” and talks…cracks me up every time). The truths and reaffirmations of being an heiress – and not a boring one – were so tender. A poignant hit-home truth was that my intimacy with God will never never replace ministry. As Women’s Ministry Director at my church, may I say, help me Lord! Also, any place that God is not occupying – the devil has…my oh my. This was a great trip, however a very quick trip! God gave me and Deborah (Twinkle) favor from the moment we left Georgia in the wee hours early Friday morning until we flew home Saturday evening with the remants of Hurricane Fay’s rain welcoming us! I left with a divided heart, as my first-born’s firstborn came into our lives just five days before I flew out to Texas. But little Zeke is precious and was in the care of his mommy’s love, my sweet daughter-in-love. What a joy to meet so many Siestas – to hug their necks, to pray with them, worship alongside them, and to just laugh and have fun. God is so good and His Spirit was ever-present. Hallelujah and Amen – what a great trip.
Georgia Jan…aka Gran Jan 🙂
Romans 15:13 <><