It was a JOY to participate in 2009 as part of the Scripture Memory Team. One of my verses was Malachi 3:16, and it fit our celebration this past weekend in Houston so well! As we talked with each other and shared our verses, the LORD listened and He wrote a scroll of remembrance concerning the Siestas! Isn’t that the most wonderful glorious news?
“Then those who feared the LORD talked with each other, and the LORD listened and heard, and a scroll of remembrance was written in His presence concerning those who feared the LORD and honored his name!”
Deborah, Georgia Jan, Beth, Emmy, Wendy

The Georgia Four Wendy, Emmy, Deborah and me were so excited to be in Houston, TX for the LPM SMT Celebration! We had agreed to pray God’s Word together through the promise of Psalm 90:17 “May the favor of our Lord God rest upon us, and establish the work of our hands.”  Indeed He did!

Amanda, our wonderful Blog Queen, had let us know earlier that there would be about 500 of us, and as you all know, that is really a “small group” for a Bethie event!  I loved the intimacy and focus of the Siestas that attended.  The like-mindedness of all of us memorizing scripture for one year together was palatable in that place. It was sweet to see Beth get to be up close and love on the siestas – something she doesn’t get to do in an arena setting.  It was like a family reunion!

I love to make lists, and this list is alliterative.  It covers so many of the wonderful blessings from this past weekend. Nothing.Disappointed.  Nothing!

  • Beautiful Beth
  • Amazing Amanda
  • More Master’s Degrees Melissa
  • Wonderful Worship by Terrific Travis
  • Lovely LPM Staff
  • Hospitable Houston
  • Georgia Girls
  • Sweet Siestas
  • Warm Weather
  • Verified Verses
  • Fantastic Food

But the list doesn’t share details and pictures, so I would love to oblige with that now…

We had a great flight to Houston from the ATL and I knew we were off to a great start as Emmy was ALREADY watching a DVD of Beth on our way there to see Beth.  Gotta love that!  I took this picture from my seat right behind her on the plane!

The Georgia girls started the morning early with some pampering at the spa within the Omni Hotel. Facials, sauna, whirlpool, the works!  It had been a very long time since I enjoyed that type of pampering.  Thank you sweet Deborah for blessing me with that gift!

Friday afternoon I was so happy to see our wonderful worship leader, Travis in the lobby at the Omni. I love his musical gifts, but I love his heart of worship more.  Always gracious, he kindly took time for pictures and conversation with many of us.  Thank you Travis Cottrell for being used mightily to bless this Baptist “music minister’s wife!”

Here are some random pictures of the weekend.  Words cannot describe the fun and joy-filled time we all had together. So much preparation went into memorizing all that scripture, and much preparation obviously took place months before our arrival. The LPM staff are as sweet and helpful as can be.
Here is my friend Lora from By the Lamplight, I loved meeting her! Lora writes beautiful poetry as God speaks to her heart. Maybe she will share the words to her new poem (quite different from her usual writing). It is called “Purse on the Chain,” sung to the tune of “Pants on the Ground” after she saw a purse at the Houston Galleria for almost $2,000.

Here is my friend from Florida, Karen Barrows. She and I met last October in Orlando, FL at the Deeper Still event. We said our memory verses to each other on Saturday afternoon. It was a very special time.
This is the littliest Siesta. Her name is Dailey Rae, and she memorized her scripture too.  She took these notes while Beth was teaching.  Isn’t this the sweetest picture ever? Little girls like her are our future.  Let’s live our lives so that we will be the Titus women that these young ones need.
Here is another friend, Lindsee Eddy.  She led a big group of us to eat at Pappasitos and it was so very good. There was some sort of green sauce on the table that I claimed as my very own.
Beth taught us from Psalm 119, Life with God from A to Z, and it was marvelous!  “I’m a resident alien, seeking direction, in deep want of wonder, in peril and need, troubled by humanity, especially my own, knowing that to follow is the only free road for a straying sheep, longing to be found.”
I love you Beth – thank you for all you do for all of us Siestas and for being my bff. Your life has been used mightly of God in mine.  Thank you for loving on me so that I can love on others. You are a delight!

Georgia Jan



  1. OK that picture of that sweet baby girls notes is more than I can take!

  2. It was SOOO wonderful meeting you!!!!!!!! What a wonderful recap!!

  3. So glad we got to meet up again!! You are just precious to me!! I had an AMAZING time and won’t ever forget the message God spoke over us that weekend!!

    Can’t wait until we meet again!!

    Love you, girl 🙂

  4. Hi, Jan!
    What a treat to meet you at the SMT celebration. Wasn’t it an awesome privilege to share time with so many siestas who love the Lord?
    I loved our short conversation regarding friendships, and am praying that God continues to keep that wonderful smile on your face, that light in your eyes, and continues to bless your servant’s heart always.
    Margie from SC

  5. It was such a great weekend! We’ll meet next time!

    Love the recap!

  6. Jan, it was such a privilege to meet you last week. We were having our picture taken in a group when someone said to me—it’s Georgia Jan beside you and I lit up! Had no idea that you were you! I’ve watched you live and love on Facebook and it’s so obvious you live out 2Cor 12:15! Hope to get to hang out with all you Georgia girls some fine day! I’ll bring the green stuff!

  7. Dear Georgia Jan,
    I remember you from seeing you at the Omni and at the Celebration.

    I remember Beth wondering if she could trust you because you wear your natural hair color.

    I remember you because I could tell that when Beth spoke of you at the celebration… she finds comfort in your friendship… and for that I am grateful. Thank you for being a light in her life!

  8. Thank you for the great recap–so happy you enjoyed Houston! It was good to see your smiling eyes again and now read all about the adventures.

    BTW, the green sauce at Pappasito’s is a fav of ours too! We live a little over an hour NW of Houston but go in every week for various reasons and Pappasito’s is our first or last stop on each trip!!

    I saw the ‘Purse on a Chain’ song-it’s hilarious! That must’ve been a fun trip to the Galleria–love that place! Thanks for sharing your memories.

    Blessings, Bobbie

  9. Hey, Georgia Jan!

    I didn’t get to meet you last weekend at the Siesta Celebration but, I did see you from a distance along with some of these other familiar faces.

    I love your blog and have added it to my favorites along with the scripture from Malachi. That one is definitely going to be one of my verses to memorize this year.

    Last weekend was so wonderful and there’s nothing better than Houston, Mexican food, Beth Moore teaching, Travis singing and a room full of Jesus loving and praising siestas!! I hope when she does this again that I will get to meet you.

    Blessings Siesta!!
    Love from Louisiana,

  10. I am so happy I am a Georgia siesta now:) I love you Mama Moonflower, and I KNOW people look at this and go, ” Why does she call her that?”
    Well, its more than about your garden touch, its about your love for Jesus, that you love Him all the way to the ROOTS:) You get it I know you do:)
    I love having you for a friend, and I love that you easily put me in my place when I don’t think about something correctly or whatever. I know that you are Beth’s friend, and its funny, because I see that as such a small part of who you are. I am glad to know the real Jan Morton, the lady who jumps out of her seat to pray,
    and does her best to make others know the Jesus is the center of everything. Jan, thank you for being you. I just got confirmation that I am definitely going to be able to have off from work for ATL:) Love you to pieces, and minute little pieces!


  11. Hey Georgia ! I know that you are friends with my sweet buddy Yolanda and I am not sure we ever actually met last weekend! I saw you a thousand times and you are such a joy!

    I know you had an awesome time in the Lord and so did I. Hope to see you again someday!

    Love, Beth

  12. Sweet Jan! Do you know how much I just adore you? Because I do. It was my pleasure to hang with you ladies this weekend. It was too much fun and I cannot wait to do it again! You bless this twenty somethings heart more than you’ll know. Love you in Jesus!


  13. Jan,
    I loved meeting you… as brief as it was.
    The weekend was so amazing! I find myself thinking about it constantly.
    I just love you Georgia gals!!!!! You really are some of my favorite people.
    I can’t wait until the next get-together!
    Until then, I’ve got your blog on my favorites and look forward to getting to know you better through blogging and facebook.
    I loved reading this post. How precious is the little girl with her Scriptures?!! I love that picture!
    Take care and God bless!
    Love from Oklahoma. <3

  14. Dearest Jan,

    I loved meeting you! When we realized who the other was and both squealed – oh my! You bless and encourage me in ways that only a mother’s heart could do. I am so thankful to our LORD for you.

    Oh, I loved that green dish of deliciousness at Pappasitos too!

    And (I’m hanging my head) just hit the publish button on Purse on a Chain – would have never, ever done *it* with out your encouragement.

    I love you Mama Jan!
    Your number one fan,

  15. Hi Mrs Jan! I loved your recap of the weekend! And all of the pics!

    I didn’t know that you guys pampered yourselves! Yay for you! You definitely deserved to be pampered a wee bit spoiled…

    I totally understand the whole claiming a sauce for your own thing…when I go to Chuy’s, I immediately ask for the creamy jalepeno dip and then tell everyone else that if they want any, they need to do their own asking! Lol! That stuff is mighty good and I become a stingy girl!

    Thanks for sharing your trip with all of us who couldn’t go…I’m counting down til I see you!

    Love you lots!

  16. What a great weekend. It was refreshing, living giving and powerful. I am now a follower of your blog – thanks for the memories

  17. The Journey Continues ~

    Dear Sweet Jan,

    I just want to crawl into this big square box and find you on the other side so I can give you a HUGE ((((((( HUG )))))))))!!!!

    I was astonished when I saw what you had written with your Amazing Amanda, etc… I do that all the time!!!

    Thank you for sharing the highlights of your blessed weekend!
    I was there in Spirit!!!

    I love you and all the Siesta’s!!!

    Greetings to Wendy,Emmy,Deborah,Patty,Holly,
    Bethany,Sara,Leah, Amanda,Adrienne, etc…
    SO great to see all your beautiful faces and comments on LPM blog.

    With “Heaven Bound” blessings,
    Kim Safina

  18. Loved meeting you and loved that you picked that verse from Psalm to memorize and that you let Beth know. So funny and I am going to remember to do that!

    Bless you!

  19. What a pure pleasure to meet you sweet Jan 🙂 Malachi 3.16 was not one of my memory verses, but it was part of my quiet time the day before I left….I kept thinking about heavenly scrolls being written the whole time I was in Houston!
    The flight home was indeed a “trip”, and Purse on a Chain will tickle me forever!!!
    One more word:
    If the Lord wills it, I’ll see you then!!

  20. Georgia, it is easy to see that you do pour love out onto others.

    There were 4 of us on Saturday afternoon that dined at Pappasito’s as well. And of the 4, I claimed the green sauce. Oh my stars, DELISH! I would love to have that recipe, so if you ever receive it, please share it with a Kansas Siesta.

    Love to you,

  21. GJ,
    It was so fun to travel with you. My favorite was the “encounter” on the plane ride on the way home, no wait, my favorite was the story of Easter Sunday, no wait, my favorite was the spa, no. . well, it was all great. I loved, loved spending time with you. Your wisdom for life just captivated me, your humor reminded me of a friend I have always known, and your sweet advice and love reminded me of a loving mother. You are a blessing to me! Can’t wait to do it again. See you in Woodstock, less than 3 months!

  22. Hello Miss Georgia Jan!
    It was such a delight to meet you this weekend! Malachi 3:16 was one of my verses for the year so it is special to me…and yes, the Lord did listen and hear and He was delighted in all that He heard!
    I look forward to keeping up with you via your blog!
    Blessings to you today sweet siesta 🙂

  23. I am so happy I got to meet you this weekend! You are a hoot!


  24. Wish I could have gone, but it just was not to be. Thanks for sharing your experiences.


  25. This is my favorite thing I’ve heard all day:
    “There was some sort of green sauce on the table that I claimed as my very own.”

  26. Miss Georgia Jan! I just new you were a preacher’s wife! You were not one bit afraid to get us all in order to have our pics taken with Beth on Saturday after the conference. I thought you were part of the staff! (Thanks for that, by the way! I was worried about Beth.)

    I hope I can meet you next time! My husband and I have been in ministry our whole married life and I just love learning from those on the same road as me.

    Bless you, sweet Siesta!

  27. Loved your recap! Great pictures! Hope to meet up with you sometime this year. Are you coming to Richmond for the pastors wives conference or to Woodstock for Beth’s So Long Insecurity simulcast? Maybe our paths will cross at one of these events.

    Sending much siesta love! Take care!

    P.S. Leading In Our Shoes for pastors wives in my area. If you haven’t done the study it is a great one!

  28. So glad I got to meet you, Jan…you are a sweet, sweet lady!
    I LOVE your reference to Malachi 3:16 – good stuff!!
    Glad you had such an incredible time in Houston! xoxo

  29. One of the highlights of my weekend was actually getting to meet you. I met you in the lobby of the hotel when I was having my picture taken with Travis Cottrell. He sure is humble and has a huge heart for the Lord.

    I love reading your blogs and admire you Pastor’s wives so. I know your position is not easy and yet you exude such joy! God Bless You and thanks for all you do! Lori
    aka Luv2Praise

  30. Lady, just you wait till you see the picture I have of the two of us!

  31. What a delightful post!! I’m going to meet you next time, Miss Jan!

  32. Great recap. I was so happy I got to hug your neck Friday night. You are precious. It was a wonderful weekend!

  33. I liked your list! YAY for lists! I didn’t get a chance to meet you, but I laughed as Beth talked about the preachers wife dilemma as you and my mom (who is also the pastor’s wife) nodded in unison regarding the frustration. I cannot imagine being in that role in life. I will add you and your husband to the prayers I lift for my parents to His thrown that you will fight through the daily battle of ministry with all the grace and mercy He lavishes on you! Blessings!

  34. How delightful! How beautiful…His Word on your hearts is making an impact on the world He loves. And that my sister is everything.

    Love you! Praying a song for your heart today…

  35. Hi, Georgia Jan! It was such a delight to meet you as well! I love that verse in Malachi that you wrote. I hope to keep up with the memorization this year, and I want to add that one to my spiral. 🙂 I’ll have to keep up with your blog to know more about your precious grandson! Have a great evening and God’s blessings. 🙂

  36. Wonderful recap of a great weekend!

    It was very, very special and I am happy y’all got to be pampered, what a delight!

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