First Period Fun with Friends!

These young guys are all in first period together! Coach Nauss, I’m sure you will be sad to see them all leave for high school as they wrap up their last year of middle school! It has been fun for me to see them at baseball games. And of course, I am especially proud of my grandson Jackson! I enjoy watching him play! I hope to surprise them soon with a special dessert! Chocolate Cake or Caramel Cake? Which will they pick?

JACKSON! Of course you know you are my favorite! Love this picture of you!
NOLEN! How long were you able to stay on this bull? Quite impressive!
GEORGE! You are a great catcher! Come back to the farm and fish again soon!

LANCE! Great looking trophy! Keep up the good work!

EVAN! Which hat is your favorite?

DILLON! Great picture of a great pitcher!



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