Happy Ten-Year Blogging Anniversary to me! TEN YEARS! A decade of blogging! I’ve never kept up with stats for my blog, and I don’t even know how many people actually read these posts. But this I do know…it has been my great joy to share my JOY here the last 10 years. Ten years ago when I began this blog, my purpose was to journal my journey in becoming a grandmother. I absolutely love going back and reading and counting God’s blessings to our family.

My first post was July 24, 2008 entitled The Waiting Room and can be found below. I was waiting for my first grandchild to be born. He is now waiting on his 10th birthday next month. Gran Jan’s JOY for sure! I am now Gran Jan to FIVE amazing grandchildren!

Waiting Room

I am going to give away a $25.00 gift card to celebrate! Please leave a comment by Wednesday August 1st telling me something amazing that has happened in your own life the last 10 years. I will randomly draw a winner and we will both celebrate!

Happy 10 Year Blogiversary to me!

Gran Jan

Update – Cheryl won the blogiversary giveaway! Thank you all for your support and kindness! 



  1. Nearly ten years ago, I found myself sitting in the seat exactly in front of you at LPL for Ministers’ Wives in Nashville. All these years later, I’m going to be leading your Tasting Grace study this fall with some very young fellow army wives. Meanwhile, the last decade has turned my life upside down as the Lord gave (a whole new second half at age 50, leaving my home of 30 years to become an army chaplain’s wife all over the world) and the Lord took away (a stage IV cancer diagnosis last year.) Blessings to you – I love seeing your boundless energy in all your endeavors! Hoping to be a grandma one day!

  2. Happy 10 year anniversary! So thankful God led me to this area, Second Baptist Church, Tasting Grace and getting to know you Jan. What a privilege to see God in your life and the way you minister to women, especially welcoming newcomers. Many you enjoy well deserved retirement and hopefully, relax a little!
    Abundant blessings await!!

  3. Happy blog anniversary! The most amazing thing in my life God has done is cure me of Mononucleosis this past winter. God is amazing! I also started a blog 1 year ago.

  4. Cindy Flesher says

    Happy Blog Anniversary Jan! In the last 10 years, I was privileged and honored to get to work closely with you! For 8 years, you have been the bright spot in many of my days – bringing me beautiful, fresh cut flowers from your yard, making me delicious food items – pimento cheese, caramel cake, pickled squash, the list goes on….., and by being my friend! I love you and miss you Jan!

  5. Kim Wright says

    Happy Blog Anniversary and retirement! I’ve learned so much about God’s grace in my life over the past 10 years. He has seen me through a heart attack, marriage of two daughters – within 3 weeks of each other- and now, as I sit with my baby boy of 15, waiting to take his driving permit test. My, how time flies! Jesus Christ is truly amazing! Oh, how I love Him!

  6. Hello, there! God has done SO many amazing things in our lives over the past ten years. He has delivered us from an enormous amount of bondage and set us free in so many ways. He has allowed us to homeschool our dear son, and Lord willing, we will begin homeschooling his senior year in the fall. He has healed our bodies countless times and see us through the death of my dear mother, my father-in-law, my brother-in-law, and a precious aunt. It is really something to go back and trace God’s hand and see how faithful He has been through so many hard and fiery trials. Thanks for asking and for the reminder to look back. God bless you, Jan!

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