Retirement is Here!

I had no idea 30 years ago when I started working for our local school system that I’d stay for a whole “career.” I just wanted to have the same schedule as my boys and one year led to another and now…today…I retired. I am overwhelmed with all the kindness, gifts, flowers, love, hugs, and just sweet attention I’ve received the last month. My heart is full and overflowing. I love this quote – obedience is a long walk in the same direction. Thirty years is a long walk! God’s new mercies every morning and His sweet grace to just keep getting up every morning to go to work made it possible. And now, today, the last day of work came.

Psalm 37:23 A person’s steps are made secure by the Lord when they delight in his way.

Jesus surely did make my steps secure and I have thanked Him over and over! My first celebration was a surprise breakfast given by our Board Members on May 1st. They really surprised me. I had no idea. I walked in thinking it was for my boss, Superintendent Dr. Mark Scott, and it was for me. I was tickled to pieces and loved being surprised. Next was our amazing “System Celebration,” on May 8th where over 100 retirees from our school system were honored with a dinner and the company of their families, guests, and co-workers. My husband, parents, and sister Jo came. My sister retired last year. She was an elementary school principal.

My favorite celebration of all was on May 17th. I was able to see so many former coworkers and bosses. Some of my favorite people in the world spoke and there was much laughter at my expense. Mr. Anthony Lunceford was the emcee. He made it extra special. It was all well done and delighted me to no end!I was given a quilt made with tee-shirts from all 38 of the schools in our system. I love it so much, and thank my sweet former boss, Cindy Flesher, Deputy Superintendent, for making it happen. I love that all my family was there. My husband, our sons and daughters-in-love, and five precious grandchildren. My heart was full and overflowing for sure.

I had the joy of working for Mr. James Kinchen for 20 of my 30 years with our school system. I was able to help him open two brand new schools – Houston County High in 1991, and Bonaire Middle in 1996. Then he and I moved to our district office in 1999 and that is where I finished my career. He is on the right below. He is a fine man of integrity, a former high school math teacher. He is family to our family, and we love him. Mr. Dyson, a former high school principal and district employee was also a great co-worker.

These two ladies were very special bosses of mine. Linda Horne on the left and CIndy Flesher on the right. I learned so much from them and loved working for and with them!

Finally, this picture is of four of the School Superintendents I’ve worked for who served our top-notch school system! Left to right, Dr. Robin Hines; Mr. Danny Carpenter, Dr. Mark Scott (current Superintendent); and Mr. David Carpenter.It’s been a great 30 years and a great 31 days of May with fun celebrations and walks down Memory Lane. I’m worn out, emotional, but with a deep sense of peace that I was able to finish and finish well. All glory to God!

And now…I hope to take a stroll among the daylilies in my garden first thing in the morning with a good cup of coffee. It will be the beginning of what I pray to be another long walk in the same direction. More family time, ministry opportunities, and time to just be.

It’s All Grace,
Gran Jan



  1. Jan Morton says

    Cheryl – thank you as always for commenting here! The new chapter and life season is unfolding and after a couple of trips and a family vacation, I am finally “feeling” retired. I’ve enjoyed all the things I knew I would – slower mornings and time to spend praying and reading God’s Word, my garden which has been so great this summer, my sewing room, reading (4 books already), and most of all – family time! I hope you are well.

  2. Jennifer Olmstead says

    Congratulations, Jan !!! I didn’t know that you worked for a School System, too ! I am a certified Elementary/Middle School teacher; but, I have Not been capable of teaching school since the end of the 2013 school year, due to major health conditions. BUT, I enjoyed nearly every single moment of being a teacher and even working as a substitute teacher, and a teacher’s aide (Para-Educator, in Texas) !!! I have tried to be a tutor, on and off, for an adult friend of mine, in our apartment complex; and it is still very rewarding for me! I just love watching kids and adults (anyone who has ever been) a struggling reader and/or writer !!! And, even those who are thriving readers & writers!

    • Jan Morton says

      Jennifer – Thank you for your comment. I am sorry to hear you are unable to teach due to your health, but how awesome that you are still tutoring. I love to read and have already finished 4 books since retiring. That was one of my retirement goals! God bless you.

  3. Congratulations on your retirement, Jan!! What a wonderful accomplishment! Now, you begin a brand-new chapter with so many new opportunities! God bless you. 🙂

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