2017 Scripture Memory Team – March

March is a month for change. Change in the weather, change in time (daylight savings), and even change of season. The Vernal Equinox – when both day and night are each 12 hours long.  The old English proverb “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb” is surely holding true here in Georgia with such varied temperatures! March also brought the “time change.” Springing forward is challenging to us non-morning folks. However the trade-off is worth everything because dusk, eventide, twilight…is my favorite time of day, and I love more light in the evenings.

My verses for March brought some change too. A sense of challenge to recognize some of His amazing attributes. Loving and obeying Him more, and recognizing His faithfulness in everything.

March 1: My Pastor, Dr. Jim Perdue is preaching through 1 John and I have really been encouraged and strengthened through these sermons. This verse is one of those “jump off the pages of the Bible” verses. I have been taught from childhood to obey His commandments. Love and obedience walk together. I always wanted to please my parents and be obedient. I’m a rule follower, truly. The joy in this verse is the second half ~ His commandments are not burdensome. You know how your heart rests and is at peace when you are obedient. You don’t carry the burdens of guilt and fret over your poor choices.  Isn’t it good news to know that His commandments are not burdensome? Thank you Jesus for being our burden-bearer and commandment-giver.

March 15: Girl, you better get your hopes up! I remember hearing that quote at a conference from Thelma Wells. She rolled it off her tongue like this…Girrrrrrrrrrrlll, you bettah git yo hopes up. That challenge to remain hopeful has stayed with me for years. We must always have hope and our hope must be in Christ. Not a wavering hope, but steadfast hope. And why? Because He who promised is faithful. The older I get the more I see His faithful ways. It’s because I have more days to look back on and see His faithfulness in my life. I’m confident in my confession of unwavering hope. Not because I’m strong, but because Jesus is, and He doesn’t break His promises.
I hope you are resting in the truth of these two verses…whether you’ve ever read them or not.

  • His commandments are not burdensome.
  • He who promised is faithful.

The Solid Rock is one of my favorite hymns.  I love this first verse especially:

My hope is built on nothing less
Than Jesus’ blood and righteousness;
I dare not trust the sweetest frame,
But wholly lean on Jesus’ name.

Believe, hope, obey, and celebrate!



  1. Tanya Dean says

    I have so loved reading your blog over the years! I’m not great at leaving comments but am going to try and do better! You do such a wonderful job at celebrating life, family and the simple joys that fuel you! Thank you for the inspiration!
    When reading this post, I was reminded of how I formerly defined hope versus how God has taught me to define it. This freed me so very much! When my daughter was diagnosed with a medical condition at 6, hope would have been for complete healing. But now she is almost 18 and I can tell you that HOPE is that she knows Healer in a way that I could have never anticipated. Thank you, again, for your wonderful blog!! You are encouraging so many by your words, pictures, posts and most of all, faith! In His grace, Tanya (Psalm 119)

    • Tanya – Thank you for being so encouraging and letting me know you’ve been reading my blog. It’s really been very simple with just faith, family and a recipe every now and then. But sometimes I believe the simpler the better. It sure helps keep me focused when I remember my priorities and don’t overload and complicate things. Your testimony about your daughter is wonderful! Bless you and her for your sweet words of faith. Thank you again for your kindness.

  2. Oh, my friend! I needed this encouragement! Trials of life are so heavy sometimes, but He is faithful. Thank you for reminding me to keep my hope in Him. I have just been reading about the dear blogger, Mandy Kelly, and her husband and two children dying when their house caught on fire. It is so hard to understand, and it has troubled my spirit so greatly this morning. Then I came here, and here I found your dear words of encouragement. I love that dear, old hymn, too, and often find myself singing those words in these troubled times. God bless you, sweet friend. 🙂

    • Cheryl – thank you for leaving a comment and for being such an encourager to me. You have blessed me too sweet friend. I hope to hear from you again soon. Yes – He is a Faithful God! Thank you again.

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