South Africa ~ A Reunion!

Gary and I went to South Africa for 10 days back in August of 2009. I journaled the entire experience and included lots of pictures. I love this journal and really enjoy going back and experiencing our time there all over again. The link below is toward the end of the journal, but you can easily navigate by visiting this link:

South Africa – 14 (Journal Day 9)

Fast forward almost 7 years later and my husband Gary and I were so blessed to see Rev. Errol Wesson again. He had been in the USA for several weeks and was speaking at our own Second Baptist Church.  Some of my fondest memories of our time in beautiful South African were with Brother Errol and his lovely wife Claudia in Cape Town. It was just like we had never left! That is one of the joys in the Body of Christ. He gave me a letter from his wife and she said “if lilies were allowed through the borders, Errol would bring a dozen for you.”  One day we drove along the Cape on our way to church and there were thousands of white calla lilies everywhere. One of the prettiest views I’ve even seen…


God Bless You All!



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