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I am joining in a weekly link-up with my friend LEAH ADAMS called “The Loft” and am really looking forward to this.  Topics are assigned and you write and share. This appeals to the student and life-long learner in me. This week’s assignment is a sort of introduction, hence “I am…”

I am Jan, a woman of faith in Jesus Christ…a seasoned woman. Seasoned is a sweet way to say I am older. Born in 1957 – age 57! [I love that number alignment that won’t come around again.] I am a woman of many roles, but I first want to say this – I am a woman who knows THE GREAT I AM. Here is a link to MY STORY! Jan_MortonI am a wife, a pastor’s wife ~ I have been married for 38 years to my high school sweetheart Gary. He is such a fine man and we are still in love. I respect him so much. He has been a worship pastor and in ministry for over 40 years. In fact we first met at a country church and I was only 16 years old. He was leading the choir and congregation that long ago Sunday, and we caught each other’s eye even then.October2014I am a mom ~ I have two grown sons and they have brought me more joy than I ever dreamed. Raising them has been my life’s privilege. My oldest is the Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church, Cartersville, Georgia. My youngest works as a program manager involving something with the F-15 and the B-1 planes (I’m really not sure – it’s technical) for the United States Air Force (he is a civilian). They both love what they do and I’m so proud of them. They love their mama too. (Oldest on right below, youngest on left.)BoysI am a mother-in-law ~ My boys married two classy girls and they are precious to me. They love my boys and take care of their homes and children. They are tall and beautiful and gifts of God to our family, both of them are answers to many prayers for my boys. (Blonde is married to my oldest, brunette is married to my youngest.)IMG_3950I AM GRAN JAN ~ I had to put that in all caps because…5 grandchildren! Ain’t nothing like it. The inspiration for my blog, the JOYS of my heart! They are ages 6½, 5, 5, 2½, and 1½. To me, grandchildren are God’s best “do-over” and I am smitten with every single one of them.NovemberI am a daughter/daughter-in-law/sister/sister-in-law/aunt/niece/cousin ~ My parents live next door and are in good health. I cherish all my people. This is my family of origin, I’m the oldest of 4 sisters. One is in heaven. Dad and usI am an employee ~ I have a good job working as the Administrative Assistant to our local School Superintendent. I can retire in less than 2 ½ years and I’m longing for that season, but aim not to miss anything in my current season. be all thereI am a simple woman. I don’t think I’m  even high maintenance (whatever that means). I really love to be home, puttering in my garden, working on a quilt in my sewing room, reading a book, sitting in the swing by our pond, or cooking a meal. I love to sing in my church’s choir, teach the Bible and plan women’s ministry events. I’m healthy and strong and I really do “shout for joy at the work of His Hands.” I love the night sky, full moons, and God’s glorious creation. When I found that dove nesting in my River Birch tree this past weekend…IMG_4159IMG_439094339-6IMG_439094338-7IMG_4215I was recently a guest writer/contributor on Beth Moore’s blog a few months ago as part of a Scripture Memory Team. My post there tells some more about who I AM and the SEASONS OF LIFE. I am looking forward to meeting others in The Loft.





  1. Great fun meeting your family! You’ve got a great bunch there! Many blessings from Italy.

  2. Hello, Gran Jan! 🙂 I’m so happy to meet you through The Loft this week. I’m a pastor’s wife, too, and met my husband at my Grandma’s church where he was the youth pastor. (And can I say that I like me some Beth Moore, too!).
    Jen 🙂

    • How fun! Ministry can be so hard – but God is so faithful. I look forward to connecting with you. And I will say that Beth Moore and her Bible studies and conferences have ministered to me in wonderful ways the past 15 years. She is a joy to my heart. 🙂 Good to hear from you!

  3. Very happy to have met you at the Loft Jan! What a beautiful family you have and thank you or giving us a glimpse into your life! It will be a joy to read more from you these coming weeks! God bless 🙂

    • You are so kind Ruth. I love your name. My paternal grandmother’s name was Ruth, and my little 5-year old granddaughter has Ruth for a middle name. A joy to connect with you too!

  4. Hi GranJan! What a wonderful name. Got you beat by a few years – I’m 60 and getting ready to join the 40 club for marriage. You can read more on my blog too. I’m coming to you from “The Loft.” I got a little late in posting because I’m traveling throughout the heartland and came down with a bad case of food poisoning. Anyway – enough said – thanks for joining us. You are a blessing. ~Chris~

  5. Dear Jan,
    I loved your “I am” post, and learning about you! I look forward to getting to connect more in the coming weeks!

  6. Jan, What a “seasoned” woman you are!!! All that you have been blessed to enjoy and I LOVE that while you are looking forward to retirement, you dont’ want to miss anything in your NOW! That is my goal as well. Such a fantastic looking family (I mean the grands, of course!) Thanks for your post!!

  7. SQUEAL!!!!!! I am so happy you are at The LOFT! I love this post….it reminds me to be grateful for today. I love that you and Gary are still in love, and I want that to be the story for Greg and me when we have been married for 30+ years. We just celebrated 20. We got a late start. Thank you so much for joining us, my friend. I know that you will add such richness to our little gathering!

    • Leah – you know I love you! You are amazing. I sometimes see the TIME you rise up and post and reply on blogs – you are so disciplined! I love that about you. Never forget your Georgia buddy – one day I’m coming to visit and sit on your back porch and take in those North Georgia mountains. Thank you for your time and effort in putting this all together.

  8. Hello Jan, I really enjoyed reading your “I am” post and your salvation story. I find it amazing that at just the right time, our loving Savior reaches down and touches our hearts to accept His love and grace. It’s all in His timing. You have a beautiful family too. I look forward to connecting with you through The Loft each week. Blessings to you! Tammy

  9. Hi Gran Jan (I love that by-the-way)!! It’s Ren from the Loft answering your question about the hyperlink in the graphic. Well, responding anyway, as I’m not sure how it works in self hosted like your blog is =( On both blogger and, they give you the formats for adding links to the graphics. I’m going to share a link to a large blogging group on FB where you can ask the question and I know you’ll get people who can help you! I hope this helps! <3 Glad to meet you and I look forward to seeing you at the loft!

  10. Jan, such a pleasure! We could be fast friends in Real Life, for now I am grateful for The LOFT! Looking forward to more visits!! 🙂

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