TASTING GRACE – A Mentoring Ministry in the Kitchen!

Psalm 34:8
Taste and see that the Lord is good.
Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in him!

Even with all the ways for people to connect through social media nowadays, nothing replaces a face-to-face conversation. And there is something REALLY special about gathering around a good meal at the table. TASTING GRACE wants to do just that! TASTING GRACE is a new ministry of encouragement for women of all ages to connect and share together while learning cooking (and life) skills. My sweet friend Jan Hamil and I are so enjoying this outreach. The book of Titus exhorts the older women to teach the young! We get together and cook and talk and laugh and share. I’ve heard many women say over the years that the “quilting bees” of long ago were good for women to share and connect, and it wasn’t all about the quilting! Women need women like never before in our social media driven society. I’m thankful to have the blessing of sharing my life’s experiences (and love for cooking) with these precious young women. When I was a young pastor’s wife I had the same blessings from older women in my life, but we didn’t know it was mentoring. We were just doing life and it happened along the way, nothing forced or organized. It was just the pure joy of coming alongside another woman to be an encourager. You can’t get that from a computer screen, or texting, or an iPhone chat. I certainly don’t want to take away from modern technology, because I sure do love my convection oven, Kitchen Aid stand mixer, dishwasher, and air conditioning! We wouldn’t have had nearly as much fun at TASTING GRACE if we’d had to chop wood to load the stove before making these biscuits! Can I get a witness? 🙂 But these are GIRLs – Girlfriends In Real Life!

These pictures are from my church’s (Second Baptist)   April 11, 2015 session of TASTING GRACE in one of our big old church kitchens. Learning to make homemade biscuits was on the menu. [Our Winter session included two different soups, cornbread, and a delicious Honeybun Cake.] Our devotional was from John 6 where Jesus talks about the True Bread of Life! We are meeting again in July and October also with much deliciousness and delightful conversations planned.

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  1. Hello Jan,
    I just “found” Leah Adams and then I “found” you too! So excited to virtually connect with you both. I have been looking high and low for other like minded Christian Mentors. You can “meet” me at talkingteacups.com if you wish. This is my mentoring website where like you two sweet sisters combine mentoring and cooking, I combine coffee/tea/treats and mentoring. Love your heart for women!

  2. Tanis McNeil says

    I have finally found the page I’ve been looking for (long story) since I joined the Siesta scripture memory team and read about this great idea. Our church is building right now, so I have some time to prepare well and learn from those who have gone before. I have always thought of doing something like this. Praying God will show me who to approach when the time is right and look forward to gleaning much wisdom and support here. Thanks for making this available as a godly example of using our interests and abilities to further His kingdom.

  3. Julie Reynolds says

    What an amazing idea! I can’t wait to try this with our women’s ministry in our new kitchen facilities in the fall. God is so faithful, -what a way to christen our new blessing! Thanks Jan!
    Julie Reynolds @ginsamica

  4. I knew you would be sweet Leah! You know besides our love for Jesus and His awesome WORD – we love to cook and we are Southern to our bones!!! I love you too!

  5. I am totally CRAZY about this idea. I LOVE it. I so want to do it here in Blairsville. Just have to figure out the logistics. You are the BOMB, Jan Morton. Just the BOMB. Love you, sweet friend.


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