What A Difference A Day Makes

My daughter-in-law Carrie recently tweeted about the significance of December 10th to her heart and my son’s heart…because December 10th is the day that “hope deferred became a tree of life.”  

Zeke-Dec 10 Tweet

The day Carrie discovered she was expecting a baby…after years of waiting and after a failed adoption.  More than a failed adoption, actually a scam. My son wrote about this event in their lives, and I ran across his writing the other day and have been wanting to share this story of hope and answered prayer!  The story never ceases to bless me and amaze me! We give  ALL praise to God for His miracles in our lives.  The story of Zeke…


Merry Christmas and may God continue to be near and dear and prepare us all for His Mighty workings in our lives in 2014.  I am believing God!

Gran Jan


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