1,000 GIFTS, #770 to #785

Life is good because God is good. I’m very thankful (currently overwhelmed by His grace) as I sit here on a rainy Monday evening continuing this compilation of counting gifts to one thousand. I’ve scrolled back through these gifts several times and it brings me so much JOY to do so. To see His Hand, His faithfulness to undeserving me.
770. Something I don’t talk about much here is my “day job,” but I’m grateful to have one. I will testify that it has not been easy to be a pastor’s wife who works full time outside the home. His Grace has kept me going. In the early days I did it to help meet financial needs in our family. Even then God provided a job to this momma so I could be close to my boys and not miss any of their activities as I’ve worked in our local school system. They’ve long been out of school, but I’m still there…by God’s grace.
771. Two young couples I know expecting babies this winter each found out their unborn babies are boys…exactly the desires of their hearts. I’m happy with them.
772. My blog title is Gran Jan’s JOY, so it should be no secret by now that my grandchildren are just that. And most especially when one of them is enjoying a cupcake at her big brother’s Spiderman party. Delight. Miracles all of them. His Grace.
773. The birthday boy with the Spiderman cake. He is so precious. He thinks Spiderman kills spiders and we love him for it.
774. So thankful for my new Serger and looking forward to the sewing I want to do for my granddaughters. It finishes seams like a dream.
775. I came home from a women’s ministry team meeting one night and my husband had made jalepeno cornbread. From my recipe. It was delicious. It is now his job.  I love him so much.
776. Going to choir rehearsal and working on this music…JOY as I think about God sending His Son to earth…His Grace coming down.
777. Yesterday was one of the sweetest days in our church. Our pastor preached a powerful message from the book of Joshua on the power of a changed life – Rahab. Then last night we came together and witnessed the baptism of 16 people as they each shared  testimonies ending with “I am Not Ashamed.” It was tender and emotional and a night of praise. I love my church. Thank you David Falldine for this photo…
778. Music is such a gift of His grace. Being married to a worship pastor is pure JOY to me. I love what Gary gets to do and he loves what God has called him to do. This song has ministered to our church family so much in worship…Ten Thousand Reasons.
779.  Fresh okra from the garden…one of the last vegetables of summer.

780. Pickled okra made from my friend Lanie’s recipe. My friend Leah in North Georgia and I love making squash pickles – wonder if Leah makes okra pickles? 🙂

781. Looking forward to Fall and the sweet potatoes growing in my garden and wishing the little bunny that keeps eating the green vines would seriously stop it.
782. A phone call from this sweet saint, Esther Burroughs. She is planning to come speak to a group of worship pastor’s wives next February 2013. We were talking about the event as my sweet husband is helping sponsor the Metro II Conference in beautiful Savannah, GA. I can hardly wait for our time together.
783. Early mornings in the Word with song #13 on repeat. “Thanks Be To Our God.”  Actually counting His gifts of grace as Travis Cottrell sings them. These lyrics are a balm.
784. One of the best ladies events I have ever attended just this past weekend, Living Proof Live in Charleston. SC with 50 ladies from my home church and 9,000 total in attendance. This event requires a blog post all it’s own. Soon. “Embracing the Facing” was Beth Moore’s teaching topic from Genesis 31-32 – Jacob and Esau. It was strong and good.
785. Hearing my little grandson Jackson telling the story of Adam and Eve, of Naaman, and Jonah from his Jesus Storybook Bible. One of the blessings of this season of life is seeing the spiritual development of my grandchildren and being thankful for their parents (our children) raising them up in the LORD.
Count your own blessings my friends – whether you record them this way or use the iPhone app that Ann Voskamp has or whether you treasure them in your heart…keep counting His goodness to you. He is a Great and Mighty God.


  1. NO!! I have never tried canning okra pickles. I actually thought about it a couple of weeks ago when I bought okra at the Farmer’s market but did not have a tried and true recipe. Perhaps Lanie will share hers with me???

    I am soon planting my fall veggies…lettuce, collards…had not thought about sweet potatoes but I love them so.

    Love you, dear friend.

  2. Gran Jan! That is so cute! And I love all of your “thanks God” moments. He is so good!

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