1,000 GIFTS, #524 to #537

His grace gifts abound and I am so very thankful. Life is busy – and my blog of late has basically been all about the counting. This counting sums up my life these days as I live and   love to see His gifts of grace. This living intentionally to see His Hand carries over to eyes open wider to see His grace everywhere. Will you consider leaving a comment about His grace in your life? I would love to hear from you. 
523. My wonderful dentist Dr. Alex Bell, Jr.  Yes – my dentist. I had a great appointment 2 weeks ago. Dr. Bell has been my dentist for almost 24 years. His sons and my sons grew up together and his wife Sandy is one of the sweetest ladies I know. I’m thankful for their attentive care to our family. We use to be neighbors and the memories of that time are so sweet to me.
524. Grandson Zeke spending the night and then staying the WHOLE next day. We were literally inseparable for 24 hours. We made cookies and we watched movies and we laughed and played and took a nap together and had popcorn and he makes me forget anything except what I’m doing right at that moment…which is enjoying him…Gran Jan’s JOY. He has begun to tell me that “he loves me with all his heart.” Gets to me every single time.
525. Special delivery to my many birdfeeders with sunflower seeds. Pure joy.
526. Special help filling the birdfeeders…more JOY.
526. A trip to Atlanta with three sweet coworkers for a School Board conference. We girls had a great time. I am blessed to work with some wonderful people – supportive and kind.
527. Leap Year Wednesday – February 29, 2012 was the night we began the new Beth Moore study – “James, Mercy Triumphs.”  We had 35 for class and just yesterday at church there were more women buying books…
528. Happy faces of women in Bible study…
529. Spring is still two weeks away and we’ve barely had winter here…on a walk last week during my lunch hour I saw dogwoods blooming…
530. This is a beautiful flowering shrub that blooms in the winter in our part of the state…Taylor’s Pink Perfection  The color is divine and so is the JOY of this plant during the winter.
531. The JOY continues with making things for my grandchildren…
532. Yellow violas blooming in an antique bucket hanging on my garden fence.
533. Tomato soup and crackers at my desk…quiet lunch times during a busy day.
534. I dearly love pimento cheese. So does my oldest son. It’s a Southern thing. My friend Sophie (BooMama) and I texted about our pimento cheese love recently when we saw new recipes featured in the February Southern Living magazine. Sophie’s blog and her writing is another favorite of mine. Pimento cheese and bacon…my my my.
535. The blessing of driving country roads to and from work each day. Lord bless the farmers. Thank you for sending the rain this weekend and greening up the landscape. Thousands of pecan trees have been planted in the distance.
536. Look who was at my supper table tonight…eating two helpings of Gran Jan’s chicken and rice. God’s tender mercies – blessing me with three grandchildren…
537. AND NEWS OF ONE MORE GRANDCHILD ON THE WAY! Gran Jan times four…in late September. Thank you Jesus.


  1. Love, love, love your list! I had my grandson spend the night recently too — so fun! And I’m doing the James study as well — so good!

  2. Congratulations!! What great news. I love, love your lists. Always.

  3. Dogwoods…in March? Oh my, not here in the mountains, but very soon, I hope.

    Pimento cheese..I love it and the bacon, well that just makes you want to shout ‘glory’.

    Love the pic of your Bible study ladies. I love my Tuesday girls so much. We just started Faithful, Abundant, True and mercy is it speaking!

    have a great week, sweet Jan.

  4. I love reading your grace counting. Thank you for being so generous to share some of your life & joy with us.
    My biggest grace news to share is that after 23 months w/o one, my husband has a new job! We praise God for this & for His perfect provision these last 2 yrs -and every year! He is SO GOOD!
    Also…congrats on grandbaby #4!! What joy! 😀

  5. Oh! So many things to comment on. I’d already planned to take tomato soup and crackers for my lunch at work today. And I make pimento cheese spread too. I got the recipe from a co-worker and she brought in the magazine last week and I’ve been thinking/telling my family about the bacon with pimento spread that will be coming into our existence soon. Ha! I love how my granddaughter brings joy into my world with her enthusiasm with her surroundings. Congratulations on number 4! Blessings!

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