1,000 GIFTS, #288 to #304

Grace gifts, still counting along the way; very thankful and very blessed.
288. A blessed Women’s Ministry Conference this past weekend on 09-10-11 with the wonderful Mrs. Esther Burroughs. She is a precious mature Christian woman who shares from her life’s experiences and all who listen benefit. She taught from John 4 and encouraged us to “splash the Living Water” as we “Go OUT of our way while ON our way…” It was glorious!
289. This is a picture from the Conference with Mrs. Esther (she is in the black and white stripes). I call it “Generational Joy.” The two young women on the left are in their early 20’s and are DELIGHTFUL! Esther encouraged us to pour into their lives.
290. Helping Hands at the Women’s Conference…how blessed we are to have a church where people serve with JOY. Thank you Cindy, Sarah, Taneea, Teresa, Pam, Doris, Lisa, Kathy, Susan, Natalie, Lanie, Mindy, Lynn, Barbara, Rounette, Karen, Charlene, Patti, Jeanette, and Cheryl.
291. Sharing a recipe for Tomato Pie with my sweet friend Lanie.
292. Moonvines…this picture was taken just a few hours ago at dusk. I love these flowers. They will bloom all night and close up in the morning…
293. Another quilt class and girl’s night out with Lanie. We learned techniques for “half-square triangles,” but we learned much more than that…quality time in the car during a road trip helps you learn each other’s hearts and prayer needs…what a gift from God.
294. Driving through this allee of trees as I leave home each morning and returning each evening and celebrating His lovingkindness in the morning and His faithfulness at night.  (Psalm 92:1-2)  So grateful for my job and the people I work with and for. Grace.
295. Looking up from my desk at work just in time to see my oldest son and his son coming in the door to see me. Zeke gave me the sweetest hug ever. He said, “I’m your boy, Gran Jan.”  He knows that blesses my soul.
296. Another great practical message from Rev. Joel Southerland as he preached from the book of Job on the value of our families.
297. Finding a long-lost receipt. Thankful. Needed it.
298. Collards and turnip greens planted in my fall garden.
299. Attending a wedding with my husband this past Saturday of a young woman named Julie who we’ve known since she was 5 years old. Her groom was injured in an accident 14 months ago. Seeing her speak vows that she has already lived by standing true to him gives me such hope for young people and marriage.
300. Two big bags of fresh peas from a friend at church – thank you Mrs. Rhoda! I love to sit and shell peas – it is so soothing.
301. Jasmine. In my garden.
302. Long bike rides with my husband down country roads, cool weather. Good exercise. Weight loss success! So thankful. 
303. Spending time with my youngest son and his son tonight. Getting to play with little Jackson, feed him, bathe him, and tuck him in was so tender for me. My daughter-in-law is taking a class and was not home. I missed her, but love seeing the home she is building for my son and grandson.
304. New books and the anticipation of reading “The Resolution for Women.” The book is by Priscilla Shirer.  Excited about participating in her on-line book club this Friday.  Details will follow on my blog.
Nighty-night sweet friends,


  1. I love your thanksgivings!

  2. Once again, I eagerly clicked over to read your 1,000 gifts post. Beautiful! My mom has moon lilies in her garden. They are so beautiful. Bless you, Jan. We need to chat soon about December.

  3. Thank you for sending me this blog, it has made my day. I look forward to reading and being inspired by it each day. Thank you for sharing our joy this weekend. God Bless You and your sweet family. Yall have been such a blessing to our family through the years. I look forward to what God has in store for Julie and Matthew in the future. I love you! Sue

  4. Your moon flowers are beautiful. My mom has some in her yard. I think they would look pretty around my barn. Didn’t you say they multiply? I will see if she has any to spare. It reminds me of how we can still be beautiful in the “dark” times of life.

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