1,000 GIFTS, #246 to #269

Although I haven’t posted in several weeks, I’m always counting…the JOY ever close as I see God’s grace at work all around me, and most hopefully…deep within my heart, where the needs are greatest. Oh to grace how great a debtor daily I’m constrained to be.
246.  Remembering our time in South Africa two years ago this week. That trip changed my heart forever. I kept a journal and logged it all here.
247.  A precious email from my friend Teresa who has caught the JOY of counting 1,000 gifts. She is our Women’s Ministry Bible Study Director and loves the Word of God.
248.  A long encouraging email from Jennifer, a brand new mommy of a baby girl. Jennifer is a Christian counselor and her words matter. She is the youngest woman who serves in women’s ministries at our church.  She is our little gleaning Ruth, but truthfully, we learn from each other.
249.  My moonflower vine is blooming. I love seeing God’s handiwork and His creation blesses me so. These vines bloom at dusk, my favorite time of day.
250.  A party for my mother-in-law’s birthday.  She has been a godly influence on my life and I’m so thankful for her. Family is everything to me and she has welcomed me and loved me for a long time. I’m forever grateful to her for raising such a wonderful son, my husband!
251.  It was LOUD grace, but I counted 14 little boys under the age of 10 at Memama’s birthday party.  P-R-E-C-I-O-U-S. 
252.  There were two roses among those boys, my granddaughter Madie Ruth being one of them!
253.  My dad’s mucadine vines are loaded this year.  He loves to garden.
254. Our Interim Pastor, Rev. Joel Southerland, has been preaching from  the 4th chapter of  James. He has certainly encouraged us in the Word of God. He ended our August 15th Sunday night service by asking all our staff pastors and their wives, our deacons and their wives and our pastor search team and their spouses to come down to the front of the church.  We literally had an “encouragement hug-fest,” and were loved on and hugged and blessed by our church family.  Pure therapy from God’s Word by God’s people.
255.  This was his message that Sunday evening:
Seven Things You Can Do Instead of Slander:
     1. Edify (Ephesians 4:29)
     2. Encourage (Proverbs 12:25)
     3. Give Testimony (Psalm 145:10-12)
     4. Give Thanks (Ephesians 5:20)
     5. Praise God  (Psalm 9:1-2)
     6. Teach Others (Proverbs 13:14)
     7. Pray (Matthew 5:44) (Romans 12:14)
256. My first born son and his wife and their son all have August birthdays. My sweet daughter-in-law planned a party for the “boys” since their numbers matched up…here’s the cake:
257. My youngest son and his wife gave Zeke a “toy laptop” for his birthday.  It is very nice and a great teaching toy. When we asked Zeke what he was going to do with his laptop, he said, “I’m going to use this to work on my sermons…” He’s watching everything his daddy does. God’s grace has blessed me with sons who are modeling godly lives for their children.
258.  After record triple digit heat this summer, it was nice to have some recent rain. Last week we enjoyed two rainy evenings at home! Delight. This was my view as I drove from work, right before turning on the road to home. Summer rains are so precious.
259. My friend Jennifer, the new mommy sent me this “WAIT” acrostic last week…I love it and it is timely – I hope it will be a grace gift to you as well:
Withstand: the schemes of the devil and he will flee from you (Ephesians 6:11).
Anticipate: the need – go back to the last word God spoke before His silence.
Serve HIM in that manner while waiting on a new word.
Integrate: your faith into everyday life.
Trust: simply the most difficult, because it can be done only in a Spirit-filled life.
260. The gift of sight confirmed by a great report from my eye doctor this past week.  He is a delight – a Messianic Jew, Dr. Eisner.  We love to talk about the LORD together.
261. A great email from my friend Leah Adams requesting prayer support for some new teaching material God is calling her to concerning being “covenant keepers.”  She’s great!
262. A quick, yet wonderful and blessed trip this past weekend to Hilton Head Island, SC. We were the guests of my son’s in-laws, so Zeke and Madie had both sets of grandparents together and received a double portion of love. We had dinner in a restaurant that was near the marshes of the island.  It was so peaceful there.
263. On our way to Hilton Head we stopped for the day in Savannah, GA, one of our favorite places to visit in our beautiful state…I love the live oak trees and the history of this city. I am thankful for some overdue uninterruped conversation with my sweet mate.
264.  A short little video sent to me last evening by my youngest son’s wife. I love my smartphone and am so thankful for the way she keeps me in the know with little snippets of Jackson’s day. Grace indeed.
265.  A four-mile bike ride on Hilton Head, then meandering through the ruins of an old estate from the 1800’s called the Baynard Plantation. 
266.  An impromptu fun game with Zeke and my husband in those dappled-light woods near the ruins.  Brought back memories of him playing with our boys…
267.  Plans for a treehouse came forth from their play time.  The grandchildren are in for fun at the farm when Pop builds the tree house!
268.  To be a mom and a grandmom.  Daily DOUBLE portions of Grace.
269.  To be HIS daughter, ALL GRACE…
Encourage one another and build each other up,




  1. Wow! Incredible! Need I say more? God bless you as you glorify Him.

  2. I enjoy reading about your “blessings.” And I really enjoy sharing them with you! I am most blessed because of YOU! Gary

  3. To be His daughter…now that is something to be thankful for. Thank you so much for your prayers as I teach the covenant material this Saturday. I am beyond excited about it.

  4. Beautiful list!

  5. “Anticipate: go back to the last word God spoke before His silence.” Oh, I just love that! I am a thinker and that one I will ponder on for a few days.

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