1,000 GIFTS, #80 to #98

80. Back to Bible study with my Wednesday night girls, I love them so much!
81. A homemade Chocolate Cobbler. Go HERE for my posted recipe and pictures.
82. Time in my garden with glorious warm weather on Saturday and Sunday.
                             Texas Sweet Onions!                         Daffodils!
83. Joining my friend Travis Cottrell by becoming a backer on his new worship project.
84. Assurance that Jesus Christ is the Solid Rock, even during times of devastation in our world. 
85. Thankful for Samaritan’s Purse and their gifts to help the people in Japan suffering intensely after the earthquake and tsunami.
86. Enough hair for my 10-month old granddaughter Madie Ruth to have a real ponytail.
87. The opportunity to pray with some of my co-workers this week. We are asking God to give His grace to a family in the death of two young sisters in a car accident…they were headed home from church and the weather was so stormy. 
88. Singing with our Praise Team this past Sunday morning…”Jesus Messiah” by Chris Tomlin and “I Bless Your Name” by Selah. Awesome worship.
89. Thankful that my Dad is continuing to recover well from back surgery 5 weeks ago.
90. Good conversations with my sons this week. I love them with all my heart. We are friends.
91. Calls, emails, and cards of encouragement from friends at church who know that the past months have been extremely difficult in ministry. God is doing a mighty work in our church…things are better than ever and we praise His Holy Name. Our God is Greater.
92. Helping my husband move these two cows to the pasture behind our house…I am not a cowgirl, but I had a blast! That’s Helen on the left, and Thelma Lou on the right…

 93. A new devotional book Reliving the Passion as I prepare my heart for Easter…

94. Continuing to memorize scripture with lots of friends on the SSMT…Siesta Scripture Memory Team!
95. Going to “Sonic” last night after church with dear friends Jack & Lanie and sitting outside at the picnic tables until way past our bedtime 🙂  Laughing like teenagers.
96. Enjoying these violet violas while they last…because when the warm weather cometh they will not be happy! (I like cooler weather too.)

97.  The sacred echo of this verse in my heart… James 4:14
Whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow.
For what is your life?
 It is even a vapor that appears for a little time
and then vanishes away.
98. Which is exactly why I rejoice in the simple JOY of counting to 1,000…FOR ALL IS GRACE.


  1. I clicked over from Ann’s Multitude Monday link.

    It’s Friday and there are still more lists to read. Today I finally got to yours. And because this is the Book I’m studying for hours a day now – and this is a favorite verse – because the imagery to me is like that little bit of smoke that wisps up from a candle after you put it out – my favorite from your list is 97. The sacred echo of this verse in my heart… James 4:14.

    May God Bless and Keep you and all of yours this day

  2. Jan,
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful list of gifts from the Lord.
    You asked me about out a Siesta Scripture Memory button. I am still using the 1st and 15th picture and also the new one for this year of the tablet, that others are also using, from the LPM site. Just save the picture and use it.

  3. I especially look forward to #90 as my own men children grow up:)

  4. Your flowers are so pretty.
    The cobbler looks delicious.
    I smiled just thinking of Madie’s ponytail.
    I, also backed Travis’ project. 🙂
    Helen and Thelma Lou are cute as can be.

    I am so sorry for your co-workers loss of their children. Praying God will comfort them. Heartbreaking.

    Have a wonderful day friend!
    Love you,

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