1,000 GIFTS, #1 to #10

I have wanted to join the ranks of gift counters for a long time now, ever since I discovered Ann Voskamp’s wonderful blog, A Holy Experience.  Every time I visit it truly is…a holy experience. Her words are anointed, her writing so fresh and free. I love this young woman’s heart and would love to meet her one day and give her a big old southern girl hug around the neck!

Since I’m just beginning my list of 1,000 gifts and it is a “Multitude Monday,” I’m going for it. I am in a good place to do this – away for a conference with my husband that is very specific…for just worship pastors and their wives. It’s good to be with like-minded folks and those who are seeking to have the mind of Christ. It’s been a good day. 

1.  to be a pastor’s wife, specifically to one whose calling is to lead in worship
2.  to share the joy of time away to refresh and renew
3.  hearing over 50 “music men” sing together in worship…glory voices!
4.  a text from my daughter-in-love this morning
5.  the joy of mentoring a young wife tonight about raising boys
6.  reading Ann Voskamp’s book “One Thousand Gifts” this afternoon in the quiet of a beautiful retreat center
7.  fellowship this evening with a fellow garden enthusiast, specifically a lover of daylilies
8.  roundtable discussions with other ministers wives…talking shop and occupational “hazards”  😉
9. typing this blogpost while my own music man sleeps next to me…weary from a long day of taking in so much with his peers
10. connecting with a young steward at this retreat center named Daniel…and sharing with him about the Daniel of the Bible…JOY!

Thank you Jesus for the JOY of this day…a gift…the beginning of thousands.



  1. I’m counting this year too…I’ve wanted to make it a goal to join her on Mondays but haven’t been able to yet. So happy to journey “thankfulness” with you, Mrs. Jan!

  2. Someone was telling me about this book and Ann’s blog just this weekend! I can’t wait to read it and to check her blog out. Thank you for sharing your good day with us.



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