A Winter’s Walk Around the Farm

What a peaceful Monday I’ve enjoyed today. It started off great with a call from my boss saying, “stay put, don’t come to work, you HAVE to stay home.” What a delight! After a late breakfast, my husband asked me if I would enjoy a long walk, so we bundled up and I grabbed my camera…and off we went! Come for a walk around the farm with us…

Unlatching the gate, here we go…
 We started back at the 12 acre woods…
 The trees were covered with ice from the freezing rain.
 The pine trees were bent over, heavy from the ice.
 Our donkeys, Ellie and Little Bit…
The sheep…
 Out of the woods, headed to the pastures.
 One look back at the beautiful woods.
 Headed up to the front of the farm, near the “road.” 🙂
 Our farm home in the country…I love this place!
 An icy lantern at the front gate.
 Willow Oak Lane
 We walked around the pond…
 Past the cows near the woods…
 Saw more sheep…
 My icy bird feeder that was covered with
birds before I took the picture…
 Our frozen patio…
 My vegetable garden…the collards survived!
 Home again…
These boots were made for walking…
If you were blessed enough to be snowed in (or “iced in” like we were), I hope you’ve enjoyed your day off.  Days like these are so welcome in our  fast-paced busy lives…
I’ve just heard from my boss again! Guess what?  I HAVE TO STAY HOME AGAIN TOMORROW!!! Yee-hah!


  1. What a lovely home and farm you have! Thanks for the tour! Yes….we are snowed in today. Not sure how many different times this makes. Which is VERY unusual for Mississippi in winter! But I’m too old and stiff and LAZY to get out in the cold and walk around our farm! ha ha Instead I’m here at the computer working on taxes! 🙁

    Marilyn…in Mississippi

  2. Oh how fun–a surprise day off. I so enjoyed your joy and seeing your walk through your pictures–you live in an amazing place.

  3. Jan, I’m sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you about the
    1st and 15th button. I saved the picture from the LPM blog instead of copying the code the right way. I emailed LPM after your comment to ask if it was okay if I still used it and how you could get the button. I got a reply that said that since they changed blog designers, they no longer have that button and that they are working on getting a link.

  4. What a beautiful farm and home you have! A long walk is a great way to spend some alone time with your sweetheart.

    It was so nice hearing from you. I have been away from my blog most of the year but hope get back to it this year. Life gets so busy. I really agree with your KISS post! I need to remember that myself — and do it!:)

    I’ve missed connecting with my blog friends. However, I do connect with several of them (mostly Siestas) on Facebook.

    You asked about the SSMT button on my blog. Actually that was from the last time. You are welcome to use it if you like. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if LPM puts up a new one for this year.

    Hope you’ve enjoyed your days off.


  5. Thanks for the tour! It is beautiful! We had about 9 inches of snow so it has been nice not to have to go anywhere. Enjoy your snow days!


  6. Your home place is gorgeous, even in winter.

    I can imagine sitting at your table sipping a good hot cup of coffee and smelling the peach cobler about ready to come out of the oven, but especially your happiness and love flowing onto me.

    You’re a gem!

  7. So pretty. Your home and farm are beautiful! Loved “walking” with you. So glad you get to stay home another day.
    Love you,

  8. Oh how pretty, You did get some!! So happy to see your little profile pic on my comments. It made me miss you! Maybe we can all catch up one day! So happy to hear from you.

  9. So pretty! Amazingly, we’ve had very little snow this winter and I’m not complaining one single bit! (Kyiv)

  10. Yay for staying home! Except I need to be out by Wednesday. We are supposed to be closing on the house – finally!

    Love you friend!

  11. Oh I want to come to your house!!!! So fun! I have always wanted a donkey and some sheep! Everything is just beautiful! : )

    We were snowed in … and get tomorrow off too! Yea!

  12. Jan, I love these pictures. I love to take walks in the snow … especially at night when everything should be dark, but is still so bright.

    We were snowed in too and I LOVE that we had to slow down.

    Your home is beautiful and peaceful.

  13. Loved the tour of your farm!!! We had about 7 to 8 inches of snow, but we were out and about today. The roads here are slick!! We are waiting to see if we get the rain/sleet/freeze overnight.

    Stay warm.


  14. Yes, I was snowed in today with my 2 of my 3 grown up kids. It was very peaceful. Still all the snow here, but will probably be going to work tomorrow. Thank you for sharing your pictures!

  15. Beautiful pictures. Thank you so much for sharing!

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