DELIGHTFUL WEEKEND! I have enjoyed so much this past weekend!  Special time with my family as we celebrated special events of our lives together, and the beautiful snow that is so rare for our area. So this morning, I am thanking God for some more Gran Jan’s JOY!  (These delights are in no particular order…they are ALL joyful.)

Delight #1: Winter Wonder ~ We don’t have snow ’round these parts very often – and definitely not of the magnitude that we enjoyed this past Friday.  There is something so peaceful about the clean and pristine white snow.  The rarity of this event made it quite a delightful winter wonder for all of us. 

Our driveway – Double M Farms
My parents live next door.
(My maiden and married names – M’s)
Pecan grove
Oak trees line the driveway (I love this so much!)
Side view of my front porch – a happy place to spend time
Single cardinal in the birch tree, the
view from my kitchen window
Delight #2: Zeke finally said Gran Jan – clearly! Not “ga-ga” or something two-syllable sounding as he has been doing, but he said “GRAN JAN!” I went to babysit him for a little while Friday morning and as I was leaving, he patted his mommy and said “Mama,” then pointed to my son and sad “daddy,” then tapped my arm and said “Gran Jan!”  I was so tickled.  I have been waiting for this day!
Delight #3: Our other two grandbabies are on the way in May and the girls took another picture this weekend to show their progress!  If you look closely, you can see the babies’ genders on their tee-shirts.  Erin (daughter-in-love on the right) made these shirts as a surprise.  (Go here to read all about that.)  Carrie (daughter-in-love on the left) is having a girl! See the flowers showing? Erin is having a boy! See the sports balls showing? They did not plan this, but Erin pointed it out when she sent me the pictures – I love it!
Delight #4: Today is my husband’s birthday.  I have celebrated many birthdays with this man, and each one is more special – each celebration of life makes me so grateful for the man God gave me to be my husband.  I love Gary more than ever – he is my best friend, he takes good care of me, he loves our family and he is a man of great integrity. He is a true man of God – at home, at church, and in the community – and that makes me respect him all the more.
Counting my blessings today, and loving Jesus with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength!


  1. I love your house and all of the snow pictures are great.
    My parents live just two houses from us and I love having them so close.
    I’m thanking God right along with you that you have such a sweet husband who is your best friend and that you’ve got grand babies on the way. How fun!

  2. I’m so jealous of the snow! It’s been cold here, no doubt, but we could so use some snow to play in.

    What a fun, delightful post!

    Lindsee Lou

  3. Delightful to a T! I’m thinking that I MUST come and sit on that porch and see that beautiful smile and soak up what you have to share with me. Love YOU!

  4. What an adorable little dude!! Zeke is precious. Just want to squeeze those little cheeks. I know you were beside yourself when he said Gran Jan.

    Yes, the snow has been lovely. I’m planning to post a few pics tomorrow after everyone has time to post their Challenge 2010 verses.

    Thanks for sharing your weekend pics.


  5. What a great post! I love the pictures of the snow, and it’s so exciting Zeke said “Gran Jan”! I know my momma is working on Brennan to say her name, too. She can’t wait! 🙂

  6. Jan,

    Just a lovely post from top to bottom. Isn’t the snow just the most beautiful thing? God graced us snow here in Louisiana too and we just reveled in it!

    I have another grandson coming in June. It makes #6 altogether. Isn’t nanahood just the best thing ever?

    Love to you,
    Beth Herring

  7. Beautiful pictures! Hope you had a most fabulous Valentine’s Day!


  8. I love the pictures of your snow!! Positively gorgeous! I love the one of the driveway the best…reminds me of the movies like, Forest Gump and The Patriot that had the antebellum houses with the tree covered driveways. Lovely!

    I’m soo stinkin’ excited for you that your lil man said your name! That’s soo amazing and probably one of the sweetest things ever! I always get excited when a lil one says my name for the first time, whether is NikNik or Kiki…I’ll take whatever!

    Please tell your man I said Happy Birthday! I hope he has a great one and that I will one day meet him! It’s gotta happen! 😉

    Love you lots!

  9. Love your pictures. I have always wondered what a pecan grove looked like.
    Your daughters-in-love are beautiful. What happy life you have.

  10. Beautiful, Jan! Love that Zeke said your name!

    I just spent time posting my own thoughts about the snow. My pictures are from It surprised me Friday! I didn’t even have my camera to take pictures…stayed with my parents overnight after the snow started. It was so beautiful!

    Happy Birthday to your Prince Charming, Jan, from this Salsa Sister! He is a gift from God.

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