One Day, No More Earthquakes

I copied this tweet from my son’s Facebook status:

RT @nathanafinn: One day the True King will return and restore all that Adam lost. Then there will be no more earthquakes.

Hallelujah for that DAY. 

  • No more earthquakes. 
  • No more disease. 
  • No more poverty.
  • No more death.

You can go directly to the Compassion site to give safely and securely to bring aid to the earthquake victims in Haiti.

I sponsor a little boy in Colombia and he is safe and sound tonight. I received a letter from Iduar just last week telling me about how much he loves to play soccer and asking me if I like to sing!  I stood in my kitchen as I read his letter and thought to myself… “he held this paper, Iduar touched this very same piece of paper that I am holding right now.” 

The power of touch – so many hurting Haitians right now.  I can pray and ask the Healer, my Heavenly Father to touch lives right now.  Grant it Lord. Use those that are there to touch many lives out of the overflow of You touching them.

One Day, No More Earthquakes.



  1. Hallelujah! There will be a day!

    I think it was sweet that Iduar asked you if you like to sing! How precious!

    I am getting so excited about seeing you this week!

    Joining you in prayer that our Father will touch those hurting in Haiti,

  2. I have been praying and LONGING for that day, Jan. I love you!

  3. I know, Jan. I cannot wait for the day when there is no more hurt or pain.

    I woke up at 4am with the pictures from Haiti running through my mind. I just started praying.

    Don’t forget to post your Challenge 2010 verse today!! Take care.


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