Resolutions for 2010?


It is getting dark on this last night of 2009, and something about a new year really gets me to thinking! Right now here in middle Georgia it is cold and foggy with a rainy drizzle outside.  My sweet man and I are “staying in.”  That is NOT big news…we like a quiet New Year’s Eve.  [We have been to many a New Year’s Eve party with food and fellowship and fun back in the day, but for the past few years, we have chosen to stay home.]  I do have some sparkling cider to toast in the New Year, and I made a big pot of chili too.  So we will celebrate quietly, and I really like that because I like my “thinking/pondering/reflecting/praying time.”

But as I was thinking, I decided I sure would like to hear from YOU!

  • Do you have New Years’ Resolutions?
  • Can you share them?
  • Do you always have resolutions or are you just beginning to do so?
  • What are you doing or what did you do for New Year’s Eve?

May God bless you and keep you and use you mightily for His glory in 2010!



  1. I am very determined this year to grow in my relationship with Christ. I so much want for Him to be the first thing that pops in my head evey morning.

    We don’t usually do much on New Year’s Eve, but this year I hosted a party for my family. My baby sister and her family were home for the holidays. They’ve been in Wake Forst, NC at seminary for 16mths. Had a great time!

  2. Jan,

    I don’t really have a new years resolution either, but I plan on carrying on with 24 NEW scripture’s to be memorized by the end of 2010. I also want to grow deeper and deeper in Love with JESUS. For His WILL to be evident and not mine.

    And what a joy to meet many of those that I have come to love in about 20 days, that includes YOU!


  3. To be deliberate in everything. In my marriage, with my men children, in my time with God. To stop letting things just happen and toss me to and fro, but be deliberate in my actions and reactions. Deliberate in choosing Jesus first and foremost. Happy New Year’s! 2010 – grandbabies on the way! Yeah for you guys:)

  4. Sounds like a perfect way to ring in the New Year!

    I have never liked going out on this night, I am a homebody and i enjoy making food and watching football and playing cards.

    That is what we are doing tonight. Playing Phase 10, we made hot wings, rotel dip, veggie squares and my VOLS are stinking up the place right now. 🙁

    I normally don’t make resolutions.

    In 2010 I am praying that God will bless me to bless others, I really want to love God more and more than anything on this earth.

    God gave me a breakthrough was something I had been praying about for awhile and I am sooo excited!!

    Happy 2010 to you sweet Jan!

    Love you,

  5. Hi sweet Jan,

    Greg and I are staying in too. We have a huge luncheon tomorrow where I feed about 50 people Beans ‘N Greens and I’ve been preparing for a few days. So tonight I rest before the onslaught hits tomorrow.

    No New Year’s Resolutions other than continue memorizing Scripture. I’m doing the Scripture Memory challenge over at my blog. I just want to stay faithful to the last word I heard from Jesus.

    I want my marriage to grow stronger and my Jesus to be more evident in my life overall. He should increase and I should decrease.

    I hope you have a blessed New Year!!


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