South Africa – 12 (Journal Day 7)

Saturday, August 22, 2009
Our wonderful new friends, Rev. Errol Wesson and his precious wife Claudia of Multi Ministries are delightful! They live in Cape Town, actually in “Fish Hoek.” They say that God has given us great favor with the weather.
It is still Winter in South Africa, but Spring is giving a gorgeous preview! The rain is gone and the warm temperatures and flowers are glorious! I have never in all my life seen such beauty – the ocean and the mountains are unbelievable. Ever since I found out I was coming to South Africa I have dreamed of seeing Cape Point! But before I saw Cape Point this afternoon, there were some amazing ministry opportunities that I want to share.
This beautiful Saturday morning Gary and I were set to minister at Gleemoor Baptist Church. This church was hosting a meeting for all the churches in the area. They were meeting to plan for 2010 and outreach surrounding the World Cup Soccer games in South Africa. Rev. Wesson and Bro. Johnny Cyster came to pick us up and drive us to the church. The drive was so nice and I was so excited to finally be in Cape Town. When we pulled up to the church and parked, three precious little girls were playing outside. The Gleemoor church is part of the Cape Town Coloured community. I told them that I was so thankful to be at their church, and the little one on the far right said, “And I am thankful for the Lord Jesus Christ!” So delightful.  I will never forget these little girls.

Once inside we saw how packed the church was, so we made our way to the front. Rev. Errol Wesson introduced us to the people. Gary sang “Statement of Faith,” and I sang “Jesus the One and Only.” The people were so responsive and they especially loved my sweet husband. (Actually everywhere we’ve been, he has been the favorite!) I believe it is his commanding voice and the compassion with which he speaks. He shared with everyone that it is most important that they KNOW what they believe because our beliefs dictate our behavior! He exhorted the people to hold fast to the authority and the Word of God. Another thing he did that I especially loved is he would say, “we are not here to sing TO you, but WITH you.” They LOVED my man and I was so blessed because of the joy he was bringing!

Something MOST unbelievable happened this morning after the service. There was a couple there serving as missionaries through the IMB (International Mission Board). They were introduced (Jeff and Lynne) and then afterward she came up to me and told me she was born in Macon, Georgia. WOW! Someone from America! We had an immediate bond and I was so glad to talk to someone from home. Then she proceeded to tell me that her grandmother was the organist at 1st Baptist of Warner Robins and that she attended Second Baptist Church when she was a child! OUR HOME CHURCH!!! The world suddenly became very small as I thought about the investment my church had made in the life of a little girl half a century ago, and now she was serving as a foreign missionary halfway around the world and we got to meet both her and her husband!

Baptists are Baptists no matter the Continent, so there had to be a fellowship – and in South Africa it was a “tea.” Check out the beautiful aprons these ladies were wearing. I thanked them for their hospitality and they loved having their picture taken.
After the tea, we headed back to the Wellwood Lodge where we are staying. On the way, we stopped at a drugstore to pick up a few items we needed. I wanted to buy some Advil. Something very unusual occurred. You cannot just walk in and buy Advil or Tylenol – you have to talk to a pharmacist! He wanted to know what was going on and why I needed an anti inflammatory! A little scary to me – but I got the medicine and am very grateful.

After we got back to the Lodge we changed clothes and got ready for our trip to see Cape Point. My excitement was just about “over the top!” I was finally going to see the sight I had viewed on my computer desktop for many months. Here are some pictures of the day:

The difference in these two oceans was amazing!
 The beautiful blue Indian Ocean:  
The darker gray Atlantic Ocean:

After we saw Cape Point from every single angle – including the wonderful MERGE of the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, we headed back down and then shock of all shocks, we heard someone calling our names…”Gary, Jan, Gary Jan!” That was so crazy – we didn’t know a SOUL in South Africa. Guess who it was? Ty and his wife – the couple that we flew to South Africa with on the same flight over from Atlanta, a week ago, and we were 1,000 miles from where we landed in Johannesburg! Another awesome occurrence – to see someone you “know!”

As we were driving down the mountain and out of Cape Point Park, we saw a pair of ostriches and their chicks on the side of the road. A few of the chicks and one of the “big birds” ran away, but this one was intent on staying for the picture.

Tonight we wrapped up a most wonderful day by having dinner in the Wesson’s home. They have a view of the ocean bay that you can only dream of. The Wesson’s are responsible for starting many churches in Cape Town and the surrounding communities. They are associated with Multi Ministries and are the sweetest people ever.
I will never forget the joy of this day.  Visiting the church, ministering to the people, meeting the missionary 10,000 miles from my home church who attended there as a little girl, seeing the GLORIOUS beauty of Cape Point, then sharing a meal with our new partners in ministry, the Wessons.  It has been a great day.  I am so thankful, emotional, blessed.


  1. Jan,

    YOu make me want to go. What wonderful pics. Thanks for sharing them. I have so enjoyed your journal.


  2. how cool to be at the cape of good hope. God is so majestic!!

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