My sweet husband and I just spent 3 days away for a little R&R (for you non-military types, R&R stands for Rest & Relaxation). It could have been R & R & R & R & R, Rest, Relaxation, Revival, Reconnecting, and ROMANCE 🙂 We had such a wonderrrrrful time! This trip was a gift to us from our church in honor of our 20 years of service there. They are the best congregation in the world and we love them! Anyway, the gift came in June, but since the reservations were good for a year, and we had a BIG-EVENTS summer in our family that included the wedding of our youngest son in June and the birth of our first grandchild in August, we finally just got away this past weekend. We headed out to Savannah Wednesday afternoon. We love Savannah, a very beautiful and romantic city on the coast of Georgia. In fact, it is Georgia’s oldest city. Here are some pictures from my weekend…

A huge moss-draped Live Oak tree – St. Simons Island, Georgia
View from our room at the River Street Inn which fronts the Savannah River in the
historic section of Savannah. The hotel is on the National Register of Historic Places
and was built as a cotton warehouse back in the early 1800’s.

Another view from the room facing the Savannah River and the riverboats.

These are the ruins of  Fort Frederica which was built back in the early 1700’s to protect the coast of Georiga from invasions by the Spanish in northern Florida.

Now this picture below is also in a historic section of Savannah. It is the famous LADY & SONS RESTAURANT and is owned and operated by Paula Deen and her two sons. The food is wonderful and no trip to Savannah is complete without a trip to the Lady & Sons.

Me and Paula Deen!
My sweet husband indulged my love for history and we took the “long way home” and re-routed back by St. Simons Island. One of my favorite authors of all times, Eugenia Price, is buried at Christ Church cemetery. Eugenia wrote many books about Georgia’s early history.  They are novels, but she always used “historical characters.” I own every book she ever wrote – she was a wonderful Christian woman. Prior to her extensive novels, she wrote many Christian devotionals that have become classics.  I also own all of those and am so proud of my collection!
This is Gary and the famous “Wesley Oak” where John Wesley preached when he came to preach in the newly founded Georgia Colony.
Christ Church on St. Simons Island, Georgia

It is absolutely gorgeous and a step back in time with all the huge live oak trees and Spanish moss hanging from them. The cemetery had graves dating back to the early 1800’s and it was so peaceful to visit this church and the gardens nearby.

Life is good and I am a blessed woman indeed.  Thank you for sharing my R & R & R & R & R weekend!

~Georgia Jan



  1. Hi Georgia Jan!
    Thank you so much for going to my blog & leaving me a comment about your trip to “Ye Olde South.” I so enjoyed reading about your trip. I LOVE St. Simons! I’m especially fond of the picture you took of Christ Church…and the way you captured the light and shadows. It reminds me of Eugenia Price’s book, ‘Where Shadows Go’. By the way… I am your new Facebook friend 🙂
    Jennifer Shuler
    White, GA

  2. Just wanted to say I love the pictures from your trip. I also love to read Eugenia Price. I went to Savannah several years ago and visited several of the sites that she wrote about. I even went the the cemetry where some of the people in her books about Savannah were buried.

    Attalla, AL

  3. Georgia Jan,

    That is a blessing to have such a good trip! I loved all your pictures:)


  4. How wondeful to have a trip away with your husband and I have always wanted to go to Paula’s restaurant!

    I enjoyed looking at your pictures!!


  5. What a neat, R&R&R&R&R weekend!

    Love from Kansas, where we are cold, wintry and had a tornado on the ground 25 miles from here this afternoon.


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